Dear Aes Sedai …

Dear Aes Sedai …

How did you get this job?

Looking for something to do


Dear Looking for something to do,

To put it simply, I volunteered. See, there are a ton of Aes Sedai in the Tower, and out; so it seemed like a long shot to be able to write for this column. They asked for volunteers, and I figured it certainly couldn’t hurt to throw my hat in the ring. The worst that could happen was someone would say no, but here I am! This time, I get an easy question, but you never know what will come up next. If you want to join me and the other mystery writers (because there’s no fun in doing it alone), send an email to the Editor, and she’ll hook you up!

Do you have a question to ask our Mystery Aes Sedai(s)? You can fill out this form HERE or email your questions to Names of submitters will remain anonymous.

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TVTT DM Edition – Service to the Tower



A member of the Dai M’Hael is a Warder who uses their brain as well as their brawn. They use psychology and tactics as their springboard to combat. They are the sort of person who can map out battles in their head, and makes a good officer/tactician working with large groups of people. While also passionate, they maintain a bit of distance and weighs the odds of victory before going into a fight. A Dai M’Hael’s greatest weapon is their mind, for it is the mind that orders the fist to strike, the feet to run and the heart to pound. Without using one’s mind, a battle will most surely be lost. A Dai M’Hael is like a hawk, shrewd, intelligent and all-seeing. But still wielding deadly talons with great skill when the time calls for it. Val a’Shain


Dai M'Hael


Dai M’Hael is one of the four Companies of Warders at TarValon.Net. Founded alongside San d’ma Shadar and Val’Cueran in 2002, the Company gets it’s name from the Old Tongue for “Battle Leaders.” There are seventy-four people known to have been raised to Gaidin of Dai M’Hael. The Company is currently led by Company Commander, Dnae Ila; Honor Guard, Drake O’Neeus; and Warder Councillors, Brandon Tat’vakja and Kerwin Thaumiel.



Drake  Brandon  Kerwin


Dai M’Hael has had 12 different Company Commanders.


The Honor Guards and Warder Councillors of Dai M’Hael have served their Company and our community at large. Thank you all for your service!


But their service doesn’t stop at their Company walls. Many members of Dai M’Hael have served (and continue to serve) the greater TarValon.Net community in many different capacities.



Many members of Dai M’Hael have also served as members of staff across our many Departments (and many still do!) The Gaidin of Dai M’Hael have collectively earned 10 Amyrlin Awards, 5 Keeper Awards, and a staggering 36 Members Choice Awards!


Thank you to all members of Dai M’Hael past and present for your dedication to your company and your service to TarValon.Net.

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TVTT DM Edition – How a Blue Met the Vendrisaur



The following is a story written by Nymala Ingasy, Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, to commemorate her bonding with Vendri al’Varrak, Gaidin of Dai M’Hael.

It all started because my poor, nearsighted pink s’redit Katan was lonely. I decided to find him another s’rediti friend for him to play with. Mhor Sedai said that there were no planned invasions of Seanchan on her schedule, but that if I wanted I could attempt to rescue a s’redit for myself. So with a cause in my heart, I donned blue socks, left Tar Valon, and Traveled to Tear. There are neither beginnings nor endings in the Wheel of time, but it was a beginning.

When I arrived in Tear, my Great Serpent ring quickly found me a Seafolk ship willing to take me aboard. The fat gold Tar Valonen and Tearen coins did not hurt either. The Sailmistress waved me aboard and we were soon underway. The women untied their bright, blousy tops as soon as we were out of sight of land without a shred of modesty, and I quickly went below decks to read.

The voyage was uneventful enough, until one fine day when land was sighted. The Sailmistress brought a spyglass up to her eye and called out, “Apologies, Nymala Sedai, but the sea and stars have led us astray.” I frowned at this news. “Apologies solve me nothing, Sailmistress. Where are we?”

She had no answers for me, but rowboats with casks for fresh water were quickly lowered from the Sea folk ships. Once on shore, scouts were sent out to find fresh water. In the meantime, there was little to do but build a bonfire and wait. After a time, a scout returned and whispered in the Sailmistress’s ear. Her thin eyebrows lifted and she looked at me for a long moment and swallowed. Slowly, she came over to me and smiled sadly. “It looks as if the sea and stars have brought us to the Land of the Madmen, Nymala Sedai. We will collect what we need and then set off for Seanchan.” I looked at her in disbelief. “What? The Island of Madmen?!”

She merely shrugged as she extracted a frying pan and some paper-wrapped parcels from her pack. “Even the Atha’an Miere are steered incorrectly from time to time, Aes Sedai.” I didn’t reply, but while I did my best to maintain my serenity, the Sailmistress began to calmly fry batch after batch of bacon.

The air was soon filled with the rich, savory scent of the frying meat. Suddenly, there was a rustling in the bushes and a giant lizard on two legs appeared. The Sea Folk scrambled for the rowboats and I prepared a weave of Air and Fire and Spirit, just in case. The creature went straight for the plate of freshly fried bacon and began eating as fast as it could. We stood there dumbfounded as the creature burped, straightened and waved a stubby little hand at us.

“Hi! I’m Vendrisaur! I’m a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but I’m also a ninja, a wizard and a cyborg. Got any more of this awesome stuff?” He pointed towards the plate that now contained only some crumbs and brown splots of bacon grease. I looked at the Sailmistress who merely shrugged and nodded. “I don’t know what a ninja or a cyborg are, but I am Nymala, Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah….and you….can talk….?”

“Sure I can, can’t everybody?” replied Vendri amicably with a shrug of his tiny arms. “You jelly? You mad, bro? Come at me!”

I shook my head and released my weave. More bacon was fried for him and he happily ate it all. We sat and talked and I found I truly liked him. I also found that he loved snuggles. The water casks were soon filled and the Sea Folk were getting ready to return to the ship. Vendri looked at me and said “Think I could come with y’all? I think that bacon stuff makes me even more awesome than I am now and I really can’t make it for myself.” He flapped his stubby little arms at me as explanation. “Yes, but how will you fit on the ship?” I asked him.

“Not to worry, Nymalalalala,” he said with a shake of his forefinger. “I’m not a wizard for nothing!” He closed his eyes, the air shimmered for a moment and all of a sudden, a smaller Vendrisaurus appeared before me. “Vendrisaur now available in bite-sized awesomeness!” he said while grinning a huge dinosaur grin. I snuggled him and we boarded the ship. Just before we got aboard, Vendri said “Just feed me that bacon stuff and give me some snuggles and I will be a happy saur!” I replied “Absolutely! We’ll raid DM’s stash of bacon as soon as we get back to Tar Valon!”

We smiled and sailed off together. It was not the ending, but it was an ending, and also a wonderful beginning at the very same time.

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TVTT DM Edition – The Gift of Tea



TarValon.Net has seen bonds celebrated in many different ways. This post shares the thoughtful gift given by current Company Commander of Dai M’Hael, Dnae Ila to her first Aes Sedai, Narysse al’Jahar.

She has some dietary restrictions that mean she can’t have the Ajah teas on Adagio that we all love so much, so I hand-blended my own Ajah teas for her.  – Dnae


Reusing the tins from Adagio, Dnae curated a beautiful gift to give Narysse when asking for the Bond.


Ajah Teas


Blue  Brown


Gray  Green  Red


White  Yellow


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TarValon.Net’s April 2021 Recap


With March bringing the Spring, it is safe to say that April brought many new beginnings for some people,
good weather for others, and overall activity on TarValon.Net’s boards.



Some announcements that happened in the month of April include:

  • April merit badges were announced, and we want to congratulate everyone who has received a merit. We would also like to thank you all for your service! All the merits for April were announced in the thread here.
  • One of TarValon.Net’s official free weeks happened between April 15th and April 22nd – Bel Tine!  Many of the membership groups came out to play in our free week designated forum – the Faire Grounds.
  • The winners from Bel Tine were announced in our General forum. Congratulations to the Junior Members on their awesome Bel Tine theme this year! Congratulations to the Spirit of Bel Tine – Arella Mathara, Linkelivar Miou’Mai and Maibella ni Rhoiden t’al’Varrak; and big thank you goes to Aleita Taviah, the Rockstar of this year’s Bel Tine for her awesome work in making this freeweek a true success!
  • The Spring Hall is now in Session! Congratulations to all! Thank you everyone for your service! 
  • Couple of new very interesting classes started this past month! You can check them out in the Classroom forum!
    –  All About Mediation with Calen Gaidin and Alyria Sedai. Check out the class thread here.
    –  Yu-Gi-Oh card game with Lok Sedai. Check out the class thread here.
    –  Rune casting with Gedhan Gaidin has just started, so you can sign up in the thread here.



The Department of Marketing had a lot of open positions in the month of April:

  • Social Media Team members, skilled in navigating and who enjoy either one of the social media platforms, are always needed. The application process was closed on April 19, but if you’re interested in applying the Marketing Director Aleita Sedai will be happy to hear from you. Check out the requirements in this thread.
  • After the position got vacated with Jahily al’Karee’s promotion to Tar Valon Times Editor in Chief, the Department was in need of a new Assistant Editor. Deadline for this position was extended to April 30, check it out here.
  • The Department of Marketing is cooking something really nice – a TarValon.Net based trading card game! Therefore Aleita Sedai was hiring people who would work on it for the next 12 months. You can check the thread here.
  • The department of Marketing is also constantly hiring for Graphics Development Team, so if you’re interested, check out the requirements here.



As mentioned above, big congratulations go to our new Editor of the Tar Valon Times – Jahily al’Karee! The Tar Valon Times reporters are very happy to have Jahily in this role after she did an awesome job as an Assistant Editor.

The Department of Marketing has also hired new people to join different teams. Congratulations to:

  Madhar al’Thera who is a new TarValon Times reporter!

  Kethaana “Nia” Khamara who will be sharing information on our social media as part of the Social Media Team!

  Lok Sionn is joining Lyndo Shiranui and Miliham Rastoubel, and together they will be developing a new TarValon.Net trading card game as part of the Card Game Development team!

Another big congratulations go to the new Classroom Headteachers! That’s right, now we have TWO Headteachers. Congrats to Calen Vervron and Teslyri Nicoin!


In addition to people getting new positions, there were also several members raised in the membership ladder this month:

We are very happy to welcome into the Tower our newest Novice Melorea al’Taehor . We wish you luck with your Novice training!


There have also been three raisings to the Ring. Congratulations to Accepted Kenith Sna’apsAccepted Brynden von Brazilius, and Accepted Jahily al’Karee



Stasia t’Andrei, Sedai from the Brown Ajah, and Azi al’Thone, Gaidin from San d’ma Shadar Company, have chosen each other to stand together to fight against the Shadow (and maybe play some video games together)! Come say Congrats here!

Elyss Koh’inor, Sedai from the Gray Ajah, and Dravid ter’Mand, Gaidin from Val’Cueran Company, have also sworn in front of the Amyrlin Seat that they will protect each other and fight against the Shadow, but will also read some good books! Come say Congrats here!

Congratulations to all on your bonds!
And now we’re ready for May — kicking off with the Dai M’Hael Takeover next week, The Eye of the World re-read, new content from several ongoing TVT series, and more!

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