Black Lives Matter

As you’ve seen over the past few days, the site leadership team of officers and executives has been working to better understand and communicate with the membership of TarValon.Net about what is important to our community and how we develop programs to support these priorities. We have updated our organization and our programs to support those priorities, posted our Vision and Mission Statement, revised our Code of Conduct, and have been working to create more open, candid discussion forums.

Though the Statement of Diversity Support posted last week reflects our advocacy of all of our members it does not speak specifically to our support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The shocking and sickening murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis was one of many similar events in the sad history of racial injustice in the United States. It has led to important demonstrations around the world and has stimulated reflection for individuals, communities, and society. Addressing the deep issues at the heart of this vital movement will take time, and not just thoughts but committed, long-term pushes for social and legal reform. There is information available on the Servant of All forum, sharing how TarValon.Net and our members can support the goals of Black Lives Matter. Our team continues to collect more information and determine how we can combine our resources to make a direct impact. We welcome everyone to contribute their suggestions in the Servant of All forum.

We understand that this will be a long journey and that we still have a lot to learn, but we remain committed to providing resources, educating ourselves and others, and serving those in need.

Serinia Edoras

Amyrlin Seat

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This Month in Randland: Amadaine


On June 7, the Randland month of Amadaine begins. The seventh month of the year in the Farede Calendar[1], Amadaine possesses 28 days and corresponds to our own dates of June 7 – July 5.


There are four known feasts or festivals that take place during Amadaine, although little is known of two of them.  On the sixth day of Amadaine (June 12), the Feast of Maia is celebrated in the nations of Altara, Andor, Ghealdan, Illian, and Murandy.[2] Just a few days later, in the nations of Amadicia, Arad Doman, Tarabon, and Tear, Bailene is celebrated on the ninth day of Amadaine (June 15).


The Feast of Teven, which is celebrated in Illian, also occurs during Amadaine, although an exact date is not known. The Feast of Teven is known for “its famed contests and prizes for gleeman,” with “the greatest prize of all, as always” being given to “the best telling of The Great Hunt of the Horn” (TGH, Ch. 7). Somewhat fortuitously, in the year 998 NE (the year in which the series proper begins), the Great Hunt for the Horn happens to be called around this time, meaning that a good portion of the book The Great Hunt occurs in Amadaine.


One final holiday occurs during Amadaine, although properly speaking, it is not actually considered to be one of the 28 days of this month. As the midsummer festival, Sunday is a day of great merriment. More information on this holiday can be found in our previous article on Sunday.


[1] The Farede Calendar came into use after the end of the War of the Hundred Years. There are thirteen months with twenty-eight days each.


[2] While The World of Robert Jordan’s ‘The Wheel of Time‘ places the Feast of Maia on the sixth day of Amadaine, there are two conflicting entries for this feastday in The Wheel of Time Companion. One entry states the sixth day; the other states the ninth. As Bailene occurs on the ninth day of Amadaine, albeit in different nations, quite possibly this is a typo.

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Learning About the Wolves


The Classroom is a wonderful resource at From November 2019 through January 2020, I was a student within “Val’Cueran with Alora Gaidin & Co”. It was a collaborative experience presented by Alora Sionn, Madhar al’Thera, Dreia Raieese, and Dravid ter’Mand. They presented an overview of the various facets of the company. Known as The Wolf Pack, the Val’Cueran are the Heart Guard of TarValon.Net. They are represented by the wolf and their colors are red and gold.


The three core values of the company are honor, loyalty, and brotherhood. As explained by Madhar al’Thera, the unspoken code of the Val’Cueran is “doing what is right and being trustworthy.” The wolves have developed a mutual respect. Honor and loyalty create brotherhood, and it is all linked together with devotion. The wolves rely on each other and do their utmost to not let each other down. They care for each other, as well as the members and guests of TarValon.Net.


Like each group at TarValon.Net, the wolves have their own set of traditions. Among these are head shaving, setting people on fire, and hibernation. Though not a requirement, several members of the company have had shaved heads. They tend to set people on fire, though done in a more figurative way, and generally to the benefit of all. (No one has been harmed in the fire settings of the Val’Cueran.) Though members of the company have gone quiet from time to time, they do stay in contact with one another, and will resurface.


As implied in their representation by the wolf, the Val’Cueran are a family group that has a hierarchy with roles for each of their members. The Company Commander is the leader, or the alpha of the pack. The Honor Guard is the second-in-command, or the beta. The Warder Councillors are the representatives within the Hall. The M’Hael Strategos helps determine the company’s participation in site events and the M’Hael Tribunus is the company historian.


The class had lessons and assignments for participants to explore the various components of the Val’Cueran. It was an engaging way to learn about the company. The wolves have their own values, traditions, and hierarchy, and are a part of what comprises the White Tower at TarValon.Net

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Diary of a Soldier, Part 1



The Dragon Reborn has come to Tear, and chaos reigns in his wake. What might it have been like to be a soldier fighting for Rand?


Part 2     |     Part 3


10 Maigdhal 999 NE


The Lord Dragon has come to our lands and he has taken the Stone of Tear. Weeks ago, he left to go into the Aiel Waste. I don’t know what he thinks he is going to find there, but he said he had to go. I have been assigned to Lord Estean as we head north to help the Cairhienin. They have been running short of food and the Lord Dragon has ordered us to bring them supplies. The Lords of Tear decided the food we bring should be guarded, so here we are.


I am getting tired of travelling and my feet are starting to hurt. I hope we get to Cairhien soon.



4 Choren 999 NE


We reached Cairhien and found it completely surrounded by Aiel. I have no idea what they’re doing there, and the lords are afraid and confused. They know the Lord Dragon left Tear with a number of Aiel, but these don’t seem to be nearly as friendly as the others. Or, at least, as friendly as Aiel can be.


Lord Melanril told us to stay put while he goes around the city. He’s hoping to find some allies who can help us to protect the city.



15 Choren 999 NE


Lord Melanril has found the Lord Dragon! It is a relief for all of us that there is someone who knows what is going on. Lord Melanril is a capable man, but this is going to be a battle that will take more people than just the Tairens.


Lord Melanril also came back with a contingent of Cairhienin soldiers to add to our numbers. More horse and more foot. We have been assigned a position for the coming battle, as well. Many of my comrades are looking forward to gaining glory in battle, but I must say that I am not. I became a soldier for the pay. There was no war, and I figured I would be able to do my time and retire with enough money to care for a family someday. Now, I have to hope that I survive through the fighting to come before I can have that retirement.



16 Choren 999 NE


Here we are, waiting to join into the battle. I overheard Lord Melanril tell the other lords that we are not where the Lord Dragon told us to go because he wants to find glory in battle. I am afraid he is going to get us all killed.



17 Choren 999 NE


I have survived to fight another day. Lord Melanril’s plan was, thankfully, thwarted by Lord Mat. He is a friend of the Lord Dragon, and Lord Estean convinced Lord Melanril to listen to him. I think I’ll be thankful to Lord Estean for the rest of my life. And, of course, Lord Mat. His plans were able to keep our losses to a minimum, although Lord Melanril perished in the battle. Lord Mat even convinced those Aiel we were protecting the Lord Dragon and he killed the man who claimed to be their leader. After he died, the rest of those Aiel ran away.


We are camped for the night now, and the men are celebrating and singing some song they learned from Lord Mat. I’ll join them soon, but I wanted to get my thoughts on paper because I can see Lord Mat sitting off by himself. He looks unhappy. Most commanders I am familiar with would be happy with the outcome and the minimal loss of life. I wonder if he is simply thinking about the men we did lose.



Tune in next Friday, May 29 for the second installment!


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Service to the Tower


There are many ways to serve here at TarValon.Net, but not everyone is sure how to go about it. There are positions available in all departments, but joining one of those teams requires that an application be sent to various leaders who decide who will have the job. For some people, those applications can be intimidating enough that they don’t wish to apply. Here, I’ll describe the best way to write these applications, and encourage every member who qualifies for a position to apply to help us run the Tower.


The hiring process is relatively simple. An announcement goes up in the Hiring Forum (or, for some Ajah/Company specific positions, in an Ajah/Company forum); the person hiring accepts applications for a specified period of time and then deliberates; and finally an offer is made. If the applicant accepts the job, an announcement is made and we move on. That applicant now holds a new position in the Tower. But what are we looking for when you send an application?


The first piece of advice I have to offer is to read the job description. Most of the descriptions that show up in the hiring thread were copied straight from the Library, so if you wanted to, you could look around the Library to see what positions are available in which departments so you know what you might be interested in applying for when the job opens up.


It is important for you to note if a position is rotating or not. The jobs that are rotating will open up on a regular basis. If you want to know when a position you are interested in is going to open, head to the bottom of the page in the Library where it tells you who has held the position. The current position holder will be at the top of the list, and you can use your mad math skills to figure out when the job will next open. But what if it’s not a rotating position? Fear not! Sometimes those jobs open up because someone quit or, in very rare instances, a new one is created. Hold tight, because I can help you with those.


There are three types of leadership levels you can apply for: Staff, Administrator, and Executive (Director).


Let’s start with a staff position. In most cases, these positions don’t rotate. I say most cases because the forum moderators are staff positions and they do rotate. The same goes for some Ajah/Company specific positions. For the staff positions that do not rotate, it can be discouraging if you don’t see a hiring announcement come up when you really want to be part of a team. My recommendation? Say something. Speak to the Administrator who oversees that team. You’d be surprised how many need the help and just haven’t said anything. Or, perhaps a hiring announcement went up so long ago that it was buried on the hiring board. The worst that can happen is that you’re told there are no positions available right now. When the hiring announcement eventually goes up, they’ll know you wanted the job, and remember.


The Administrator positions report to the Directors in their departments. Administrators are crucial for keeping things running around here. They make it easier to break a department into smaller pieces and make them more manageable. If you’re hoping for one of those positions, most of them are rotating. A small handful are not. For the non-rotating positions, I would advise joining the team. When the administration job eventually opens up, you’ll be in a good position to apply for the job because you will already know how things work, and maybe even have ideas for improvements based on what you’ve experienced as a Staff member. Never discount your own experience.


Directors and Officers do not rotate and change over much less frequently, but the application process remains the same. Again, if you’re interested in maybe taking on one of these roles someday, apply for a Staff or Administrator position in the department. It will be noticed when you apply.


Now, the part you really came here for: the application. It can be a scary prospect, though it’s not nearly as bad as you’ll make it in your head. Remember when I said to read the job description? This is your starting point. Introduce yourself, state what position you’re applying for, and then give some bullet points based on that description. Explain how you fit those specific qualifications. It doesn’t have to be Tower experience. You could have real world experience to apply here and that counts for something. Use all of your tools to tell how qualified you are.


Once you do that, get a little personal. Tell why you would like the job and give ideas on changes you might want to make. You could even give a few examples of things you think are working well that you wouldn’t want to change. The point is to tell the people reading your application that you’re invested in taking on the job.


Now for the super important part. Take note of who you need to send that application to. There is almost always more than one person to send it to, and it’s important that you do. The final decision may lie with one person, but I can guarantee you that everyone on the list is somehow involved in making that decision, so make sure you include them.


One you send in that e-mail, all you’ll have left to do is sit back and wait to hear what happens. It has been discouraging for some of those doing the hiring to have an empty inbox during the hiring period, so I would highly recommend that you take a chance. You might be surprised at the opportunities that are actually open to you.

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