WoT Memes

The goings-on in Randland provide some great material to feed the meme craze, and with the series coming to Amazon Prime, we’ve definitely seen an uptick in Wheel of Time meme activity. Here are a few to brighten your day!


(With thanks to Elia LePhant and Atarah al’Norahn for the memes.)






What are some of the best Wheel of Time memes you’ve seen out there?

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WoT Wednesday #0.5: A Question for Fans



This week for a pre-WoT Wednesday, Rafe asked what fans might want to see. We’re not quite sure if this meant what we’d like to see from him about the series, or what we’re most excited to see depicted on screen, but here are some of my favorite responses:




Narg Trolloc made a poll not 20 minutes before Rafe posted this, asking what people want to see.





A lot of other people wanted to know about casting and how they could possibly be involved with the show.





Several people were wondering what possible cuts there might be in the series.




One thing that people really wanted to know about was how channeling was going to be depicted on screen.





And some people just wanted to know a few particulars about how the series was going to be adapted.



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