Member Spotlight – Headteachers Fee and Calen

Greetings friends!
I have the pleasure of introducing you to our current Head Teachers (or more formally titled, Headmaster and Headmistress)! Calen Velervron and Fee Nicoin were kind enough to respond to my interview request, I hope you enjoy learning more about who they are and why they do what they do. Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about a whole variety of topics, and/or want to teach something for the Tower, you can visit The Classroom forum, and they can be reached at I am sure they’d love to hear from you!
Adina: Tell our readers a bit about yourselves, where you live, and what you do out there in the world.

Fee: I live in Southern Scotland. I have no pets but would love a dog, sadly living in an apartment and working all day is not conducive to having a dog. I am a secondary school teacher (for those not in the UK I teach young people between the ages of 11 to 18.) I teach History and Modern Studies – it is a uniquely Scottish subject – it consists of politics, some sociology type stuffs, and focuses on current and recent events.

Calen: I am from Hot Springs, Arkansas. I am a social worker for the State of Arkansas in the Foster Care system. I started off in investigations, but now I work in the administrative part of the system. I often troubleshoot harder to work cases. I help run a unit that also investigates child trafficking. There is a large amount on I-30 in the US. I have a boyfriend who is fantastic, his name is Joey. I adopted his cat, Jaspers. I have two nephews and a niece that I adore. I am MDD all day long.
Adina: How have you been keeping busy during Covid Times?

Calen: I try and read two books a week. I am a huge fan of Jim Butcher and the Dresden Files. I love a good Dresden quote and can use them in almost any situation.

Fee: I taught myself to crochet during the first lockdown here. I am not very good but I do enjoy it. Apart from that and reading I have no other hobbies. I shaved my hair off during the lock down, I had always wanted to do it so took the chance when I was not physically in school.
Adina: How did you find TarValon.Net?

Fee: I was looking for info on the WoT books release dates. I got the first books from a brother of mine – turns out the series has been a family affair and all three of my brothers have read them. The search led to TarValon.Net — according to the join date I have that was in 2006.

Calen: I think I found the site looking at the Wikipedia whilst reading the books. I stayed because of the service part of the site and the friends I found here. I am happy to say, I have made some of the best friends a guy can have.
Adina: Calen, how did you know MDD was “home?”

Calen: The Company is made up of people that I want to be like. They are smart, witty and loyal. If you need someone to have your back, it’s hard to get someone better than an MDD member. There is also a lot of laughter involved. (Interviewer note- as a long time Bonded guest in MDD, I can attest to the truth of this statement!)
Adina: Fee, how is your Guesting journey going?

Fee: I am not the most active of people and I find it difficult to just jump in to threads, so I am currently an Accepted, and have been since the Callander Europarty in 2017 when Cassie Sedai raised me.
Adina: What made you interested in applying for this position?

Fee: I applied for the role of Headteacher as I wanted to become more active on the site. The idea of the Headteacher role appealed to me as I feel the classroom offers great opportunities to delve deeper into the books, to learn about new things such as rune-casting or even China. The raising support threads are a great place of support if you want to go down the SM path.

Calen: I wanted to apply because one of the first things I did when I joined was started to teach. I think it is a great and unique way to give back. Plus, who doesn’t like to learn?!
Adina: What goals do you have for this position?

Calen: My goal for the tenure is to make sure we keep two rotating classes going, and to develop a system that runs on autopilot for instruction of new citizens.

Fee: In terms of goals [we want] more people sharing their passion and knowledge for skills or topics and teaching classes. So if you have that desire [to teach] email us:
Adina: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Fee: Feel free to say hi!

Calen: I am also a mediator and take that job super seriously. I think our site is capable of great things and I have a lot of hopes for what we can accomplish.
Thank you both so much for taking the time to answer my questions, and letting our members get to know you better! Readers, head over at take a class or two, or, teach one. Or both, both is good.

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TarValon.Net’s August 2021 Recap

Who has two Blue thumbs and is in denial that it is already time to wrap up August? This Aes Sedai, that’s for sure! I am betting I am not alone. Even though we’re still pretty well masked everywhere, and dealing with smoke and Covid closures here in California, schools have opened — and the kids at least are getting a bit back to normal, whatever that even means any more.
Here is some news of note for the month:

2021 Site Fundraiser: Donations to the Tower support the Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship, and cover our costs to keep the site up and running ad free. Join as we have some fun “Hunting the Black Ajah.” Erin and team have worked hard to make this happen, and the event runs until September 17th. All donations welcome and appreciated.
WoT on Prime News: We got some full costume looks of Amazon Prime’s Wheel of Time core cast this month, and they look awesome! Our Social Media team posted the TV Guide coverage last week. And here’s a fun little article from Entertainment Weekly, suggested by our very own Editor. I particularly love that Logain shot!, it gives me shivers of antici…)
[Editor’s note, if you see this issue on a newsstand, be sure to check out the “What’s the word count?” graphic, it’s a great visual on how the Wheel of Time stacks up to some other popular book series, literally page for page.]
Looking for Players: The Tower’s Games Forum is one of my favorite places to hang out, and Lok is looking for several more willing bodies for a game of Assassins which will have a Totto Land Teaparty theme. You do not have to know the theme (I sure don’t!) or the mechanics, you just need to show up for fun, and you’ll learn on the fly.
Wheel of Time Re-Read: Have you joined in the reading yet? Reading as a “group” can be really nice, especially given the daunting task it is to get through our beloved series. We’re currently reading chapters 7-13 of The Dragon Reborn. Join us!

Special congratulations to Stephen Lightheart and Elanda Tonil, and Murasaki al’Aevon and Adolla Ceryia on their bonds. I am still so chuffed we have Same Path Bonds!

The Tower welcomes Delara Morellin  and Merena Orithana as the newest Novices. Enjoy the new places to explore!



  • Our Co-Directors of Technology are looking for two new Master/Mistresses of the Watch- one for Moderation, and the other Interface. If you have the tech skills (or even some of them!) I know they’d love to hear from you. The application deadline for both positions is September 13th.
  • Graphics development and Social Media are always looking for willing volunteers.



  • The Blue Ajah and Dai M’Hael Company have new leaders. Congratulations to Nymala Ingasy and Vendri al’Varrak!
  • HOAs and CCs are also looking for new Hall recruits, interested parties should apply to their Membership Admin for the October term.


And that is it for August! Keep being safe out there friends! See you around the boards!

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Member Spotlight – Leala ni al’Dareis t’al’Caleum

Greetings all!

This member spotlight is for our most recent Assistant TVT Editor! Because real life is a bit hectic, Leala and I conducted this interview via PM. So, thanks to her for doing a bunch of the typing herself. 🙂

Adina: Tell us a little about yourself in real life- where do you live, what you do for a living, and what’s your home life like, etc?

Leala: I am from from Shreveport, LA. In early April I moved to Rockford, IL, to be with my then fiancé, Ignis al’Caleum. I work in the purchasing department of a small pharmaceutical company. Ignis and I married on July 10, which was a date we set after we got engaged on December 22, 2019. We have two cats, Trify and Ruby. Trify is 11, and I named him Triforce, because when he was a tiny jellybean, I saw that he had a Triforce on his cheek. Ruby is seven, and we’re not sure of her birthday. She wandered up [to us], so we celebrate their birthdays on the same day.


Adina: How do you like living in Illinois so far?

Leala: This is my first summer in Illinois, and it’s so nice not to have 100+ degree days. My asthma really appreciates it.

Adina: Do you have other hobbies/interests outside of Wheel of Time (WoT)?

Leala: I love to draw! I started drawing when I was 8 and discovered the anime Sailor Moon. My little sister and I grew up watching it together, so it’s a big part of our sibling bond. We still love anime [although] now I lean more toward manga than anime. I’m much more picky about how my manga is arranged than the rest of my books.

Adina: What brought you to TarValon.Net? What made you want to stay and get more involved?

Leala: I had heard of TarValon.Net from other WoT communities. When I signed up, I was in kind of an anxiety fog because of a major change in my life. The community offered the social engagement that I needed, but if there was one thing I could pinpoint that made me decide to stay, it was two members: Jarl Lewin and Alora Sionn.

Adina: What “makes” you White Ajah?

Leala: I liked the idea of the White Ajah from the books, and feel I’d probably fit in there. When I guested with the White Ajah, I enjoyed the sympathetic and logical atmosphere there while we sought for the truth. So I stayed because I’m also a sympathetic and logical person. I seek logic during the hard times of life naturally, and I’m accepting to those around me.

Adina: What interests you most about the Tar Valon Times?

Leala: The Tar Valon Times has a special place in my heart. It was the first staff position I held here, way back when. I wanted to get back into the game, so to speak. Also, I knew I’d get along with the Editor. I live in her Pocket, you see. I’ve been enjoying reading all the new material that’s come out, and wrapping my head around the publishing process.

Adina: I’ve always wanted to know the Pocket story too.

Leala: When I was a Novice, Senior Members were putting Junior Members in their pockets, and she pocketed me.

Adina: Do you have any specific goals for the TVT?

Leala: My goal for my tenure is to archive all backlogged TVT articles, and organize our archive in the Library to be easier to read. It’s…going to take some time, but I’ve already learned so much about wiki editing.

Adina: What is your favorite Non-Ajah forum to hang out in?

Leala: Frivolous Fun! I’ve made many close friends there, including two of my first-sisters. It’s a relaxing place to hang out and SPAM!

Adina: What is your favorite non-WoT book or series?

Leala: I have many and can’t narrow it down to one, so I’ll recommend one of my favorites. Welcome to Night Vale, the Novel. It’s based around my favorite fictional podcast, and written so that you don’t have to have listened to it to be able to read the book. The podcast and novel are set in a little desert town called Night Vale where weird and usually dangerous things happen, but there’s an air of normalcy to it. The citizens are all used to the hooded figures, shadowy government entities hanging around. My favorite character is a five-headed dragon, and each head has five distinct personalities.

Adina: What is your favorite thing to eat?

Leala: Spaghetti.

Adina: What is a movie that makes you cry?

Leala: Not many movies hold this distinction. But, Kubo and the Two Strings made me cry at the very end.

Adina: Give us a fun fact about Leala!

Leala: After I finished going through all my DVDs for the move, what was left was mostly anime and Shakespeare movie adaptations.

Adina: You’re now a member of the “Really Long Tower Names Club” of member who’ve married members, and I hear your have a fun proposal story. Would you please share it with our readers to wrap up this interview?

Leala: So, [this is] the story of how Ignis proposed to me, and I then returned the favor. When you start talking to me about the Wheel of Time, the first thing I’ll start fangirling over will probably be the Aiel. They are genuinely my favorite part of the series, and Aviendha is my favorite character. So of course, Ignis knew this.

At the time, we were long distance, and I was visiting him for Christmas, in 2019. After the first night (I was tired from traveling all day, then going to a play of his), he woke me up all excited and told me he had a present for me. He told me to put my glasses on and brought me to the living room. He put a present in front of me, and I opened a large wooden plaque with the Aiel battle chant on it, along with the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai.

I looked up, and he was on one knee, holding the ring box, and said, “Will you fight the Dark One with me until the Last Day?”

When I came back home and gushed about it to my Ajah, I got the idea to drop a bridal wreath (another Aiel tradition) at his feet during the next Anni Party. COVID then happened, but I still made the wreath. I consulted Alora, who suggested I use the language of flowers to pick the flowers, like Aiel women do in the books. I went with white chrysanthemums for truth (because I’ll always be honest with him) and sweet williams for gallantry, because I have a strong independent streak. I also wove a red and orange ribbon around it. Those are our wedding colors, because red is my favorite colors, and orange is his. It’s hanging in our home.

Because of the COVID situation delaying Anni, I set up a thread in the White Ajah Sitting Room where all my Ajah siblings, and my first-sister who’s a Warder of ours, could post “Remember Honor,” what the Aiel say when they approve of a suitor. I printed it out, wrote him a letter, and mailed him the whole thing without letting the secret out.

Adina: That is such a great story, thanks for letting me interview you Leala, and thanks for reading friends! I hope you’ve all enjoyed getting to know our Assistant Editor a little bit better now.

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WoT on Prime Update – November 2021 Release

During the Amazon Prime Panel for Comic-Con @ Home on Friday, July 23rd, Tim Kash interviewed Rafe Judkins about Amazon’s upcoming Wheel of Time show.
The interview opened with a discussion about what Judkins’ connection to the story is; then they delved into the show itself and the vast resources of the book. Judkins referred to WoT as being the “connective tissue between Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones…” and said they “. . . want to stay as close to the books as we possibly can . . . we want to tell [the story] in a way that is best for television. . . . . [our adaptation] stays true the heart of the books and the spine of the storytelling.”
They also discussed how global the cast is, and how Robert Jordan’s writing focused on diversity, which is something they wanted to embrace. They want to make it the “most diverse fantasy show that’s been on television.” Then they narrowed focus onto Moiraine and the casting of Rosamund Pike as a foundational character. Judkins shared that during her interview, Pike said “Rafe, I know this woman, I can be this woman,” and he casted her because he knew she believed deeply in the work. He then discussed some of the production team — producers, writers, directors, etc.; and their goal of keeping the series authentic to the fantasy, grounded in reality, and true to the story. The balance of the team helps to make a better story.
His big reveal, at 15:38 was the new teaser poster. It showed Moiraine in a fantastic blue cloak at a gateway of sorts, with the new snake logo above her. The pose is very inviting, and suggests adventure awaits. This author thinks that the clouds in the background, light and dark, represent the full Aes Sedai symbol. Then they dropped that the release of the series will happen in November, which suddenly feels decades away instead of a few months. (They also tweeted the poster, see for yourself!)
Watch the Comic-Con@Home Panel for yourself! Judkins was the first guest, with their interview starting at 00:48 and going until 17:02.

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TarValon.Net’s June 2021 Recap

Greetings friends,

If you can believe it we are half way done with the year already. Time flies when you’re mostly still stuck in lockdown, or something. We hope everyone is continuing to be safe and well despite the circumstances.


Amazon Confirms 2021 start:
Amazon dropped a new teaser trailer on Twitter today! (June 30, 2021) Like their others, it is far too short, but we can now we confirm that the series will begin at some point this year. Huzzah! In this tweet, we mostly see the Amazon logo, then a pretty cool looking ouroboros, complete with the Aes Sedai symbol on it. Its not the “book art” we’re used to, but it looks awesome. You can check it out here.

2021 Membership Survey
The Membership Survey closes tonight, (June 30, 2021) at 10PM EDT. Thank you to everyone who took the time to send in their thoughts, and thank you in advance to everyone who works to put our reports together.

Looking for Players:
Alexstrasz is leading an “intro to Mafia” game for Citizens and JMs only. This is a great way for new players to learn the game, however all players of any experience level are welcome.


Perhaps the most anticipated announcement of the month is our first batch of Same Path Bonds. This is special because members have been advocating for SPB’s to be a “thing” pretty much as long as the site has been around. It is nice to finally see these relationships recognized regardless of chosen pathways.

Congratulations to:
Tree and Ne’Mireth
Kelvin and Ninya
Jeffan and Asandra
Rhed and Dralyn


Welcome to the shawl Aénor! The Yellows are lucky to have you.



The Graphics Development Team is always looking for volunteers, as is Social Media.

New Game Masters and Outreach Activities Team members are in the process of being hired, we look forward to their announcement soon, and thank the applicants for their willingness to serve.

And hot off the presses, our Mayor has just announced that she is hiring new City Council staff! This team is vital to welcoming and engaging our newest members, as well as our Citizens and Resident Citizens. Hiring notice is HERE.

That’s it for now, thank you for reading, and have a happy July!

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