#WoTWednesday: Top Five Forsaken?



First off, it looks like Rafe got in a little bit of trouble for posting a tweet of him on location in Prague (which has since been deleted, but can be viewed here). This explains why we didn’t get a #WoTWednesday post last week.



This week, Rafe asked us all to name our top five Forsaken and why!



As a reminder, which I’m sure you don’t need, here are a list of all of the Forsaken (and there’s a handy link to the character biographies of each, found in our Library!):


  • Ishamael / Moridin, the most powerful of the Forsaken, later becoming Nae’blis.
  • Aginor / Osan’gar, creator of Shadowspawn, reborn as Osan’gar after he draws in too much of the One Power.
  • Balthamel / Aran’gar, the first of the Forsaken to die, who then becomes very effective at hindering Egwene’s plans as Aran’gar.
  • Sammael, who hides in the Council of Nine in Illian, eventually being killed by Mashadar in Shadar Logoth.
  • Rahvin, who masquerades as Lord Gaebril, in an attempt to take over Andor.
  • Be’lal, who… ummm… well, he didn’t do too much, did he? His main purpose was showing that Moiraine does not mess around. You served the Shadow well.
  • Demandred, the mysterious man who doesn’t make a real appearance until A Memory of Light, but it was oh so worth the wait.
  • Asmodean, the poet, who just wanted to write his music.
  • Lanfear / Cyndane, the most powerful female Forsaken, taken out by Moiraine, later brought back much less effective.
  • Graendal, the Forsaken who is all about indulgence while also being one of the deadliest ladies out there.
  • Semirhage, who played the long game in Seanchan before eventually being broken by Cadsuane.
  • Mesaana, who decided to play the long game in Tar Valon, but her mind was eventually broken by Egwene.
  • Moghedien, everyone’s favorite spider in the World of Dreams and Nynaeve’s nemesis.



So, who’s your favorite and why?



#WoTWednesday: Bel(l)a?



This week Rafe posted a, um, rather interesting drawing of everyone’s favorite mare, Bela. Apparently Bela is quite a topic of discussion in The Wheel of Time Writer’s Room, and one of the writers’ assistants, who presumably doesn’t know too much about the series, drew this sketch, which captures the essence of how cool Bela is.



What do you think? Yay or neigh?


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#WoTWednesday: What Are Your Favorite Rituals, Festivals, or Ceremonies from tWoT?


It seems that last week’s question of where Rafe and the Wheel of Time Writers were is answered with this Tweet: they were in Bali!


Rafe asked fans to say what some of their favorite rituals, festivals, or ceremonies are from The Wheel of Time. My absolute favorite ceremony is the First Sibling Ceremony seen in Winter’s Heart between Aviendha and Elayne — not specifically because of the individuals involved, but because the ceremony itself and the meaning behind it is really beautiful. At TarValon.Net, we’ve adopted a similar ceremony, and it means a lot to quite of number of our members.


What are some of your favorite rituals, festivals, or ceremonies in The Wheel of Time?


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#WoTWednesday: Where’s Rafe Now?


Where in the world is Rafe now? I’m getting a strong South Asian feel, and a few people on Twitter have mentioned that these are floating flower mandalas, which are popular in Bali.



What do you think? Where are Rafe and the WoT Writers now, and what are they doing there?


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#WoTWednesday: Is Rafe on Location?

UPDATE: It appears that Rafe’s Tweet has since been deleted. However, you can still see the image he linked below.




View from my hotel room #WoTWednesday pic.twitter.com/Jikl7y6fBI

— Rafe Judkins (@rafejudkins) March 13, 2019



It was previously revealed that The Wheel of Time television series would be filmed in Prague in September 2019. Now, I’m not terribly familiar with the landmarks of the region, but a quick search tells me that what’s in the image above is Prague Castle. You can see the resemblance in the image below.



Now, as to what this means? Well, as to that, we can only speculate! Is he looking at potential filming locations for scenes? Does he have a White Tower picked out? Are there parts of the city that would be suitable for scenes like Caemlyn or Fal Dara?


I guess we’ll have to wait and see!




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