It certainly isn’t spring everywhere in our own world right now, but in Randland, Bel Tine is celebrated right around this time–and in about three weeks, TarValon.Net will kick off its traditional Bel Tine festivities.


Associated with renewal and¬†growth, Bel Tine is a festival celebrated in communities all over Randland to signal¬†“the end of winder, the first sprouting of crops and the birth of the first lambs” (Companion).


In honour of Bel Tine and beautiful, growing things, here are some of the flowers and trees that crop up throughout the series. Which ones do you recognize?


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Atarah al'Norahn is an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah and a writer for the Tar Valon Times. She lives in Winnipeg, Canada and is completing a PhD in English Literature.

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