The Dragon Reborn has come to Tear, and chaos reigns in his wake. What might it have been like to be a soldier fighting for Rand?


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10 Maigdhal 999 NE


The Lord Dragon has come to our lands and he has taken the Stone of Tear. Weeks ago, he left to go into the Aiel Waste. I don’t know what he thinks he is going to find there, but he said he had to go. I have been assigned to Lord Estean as we head north to help the Cairhienin. They have been running short of food and the Lord Dragon has ordered us to bring them supplies. The Lords of Tear decided the food we bring should be guarded, so here we are.


I am getting tired of travelling and my feet are starting to hurt. I hope we get to Cairhien soon.



4 Choren 999 NE


We reached Cairhien and found it completely surrounded by Aiel. I have no idea what they’re doing there, and the lords are afraid and confused. They know the Lord Dragon left Tear with a number of Aiel, but these don’t seem to be nearly as friendly as the others. Or, at least, as friendly as Aiel can be.


Lord Melanril told us to stay put while he goes around the city. He’s hoping to find some allies who can help us to protect the city.



15 Choren 999 NE


Lord Melanril has found the Lord Dragon! It is a relief for all of us that there is someone who knows what is going on. Lord Melanril is a capable man, but this is going to be a battle that will take more people than just the Tairens.


Lord Melanril also came back with a contingent of Cairhienin soldiers to add to our numbers. More horse and more foot. We have been assigned a position for the coming battle, as well. Many of my comrades are looking forward to gaining glory in battle, but I must say that I am not. I became a soldier for the pay. There was no war, and I figured I would be able to do my time and retire with enough money to care for a family someday. Now, I have to hope that I survive through the fighting to come before I can have that retirement.



16 Choren 999 NE


Here we are, waiting to join into the battle. I overheard Lord Melanril tell the other lords that we are not where the Lord Dragon told us to go because he wants to find glory in battle. I am afraid he is going to get us all killed.



17 Choren 999 NE


I have survived to fight another day. Lord Melanril’s plan was, thankfully, thwarted by Lord Mat. He is a friend of the Lord Dragon, and Lord Estean convinced Lord Melanril to listen to him. I think I’ll be thankful to Lord Estean for the rest of my life. And, of course, Lord Mat. His plans were able to keep our losses to a minimum, although Lord Melanril perished in the battle. Lord Mat even convinced those Aiel we were protecting the Lord Dragon and he killed the man who claimed to be their leader. After he died, the rest of those Aiel ran away.


We are camped for the night now, and the men are celebrating and singing some song they learned from Lord Mat. I’ll join them soon, but I wanted to get my thoughts on paper because I can see Lord Mat sitting off by himself. He looks unhappy. Most commanders I am familiar with would be happy with the outcome and the minimal loss of life. I wonder if he is simply thinking about the men we did lose.



Tune in next Friday, May 29 for the second installment!


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