The Classroom is a wonderful resource at From November 2019 through January 2020, I was a student within “Val’Cueran with Alora Gaidin & Co”. It was a collaborative experience presented by Alora Sionn, Madhar al’Thera, Dreia Raieese, and Dravid ter’Mand. They presented an overview of the various facets of the company. Known as The Wolf Pack, the Val’Cueran are the Heart Guard of TarValon.Net. They are represented by the wolf and their colors are red and gold.


The three core values of the company are honor, loyalty, and brotherhood. As explained by Madhar al’Thera, the unspoken code of the Val’Cueran is “doing what is right and being trustworthy.” The wolves have developed a mutual respect. Honor and loyalty create brotherhood, and it is all linked together with devotion. The wolves rely on each other and do their utmost to not let each other down. They care for each other, as well as the members and guests of TarValon.Net.


Like each group at TarValon.Net, the wolves have their own set of traditions. Among these are head shaving, setting people on fire, and hibernation. Though not a requirement, several members of the company have had shaved heads. They tend to set people on fire, though done in a more figurative way, and generally to the benefit of all. (No one has been harmed in the fire settings of the Val’Cueran.) Though members of the company have gone quiet from time to time, they do stay in contact with one another, and will resurface.


As implied in their representation by the wolf, the Val’Cueran are a family group that has a hierarchy with roles for each of their members. The Company Commander is the leader, or the alpha of the pack. The Honor Guard is the second-in-command, or the beta. The Warder Councillors are the representatives within the Hall. The M’Hael Strategos helps determine the company’s participation in site events and the M’Hael Tribunus is the company historian.


The class had lessons and assignments for participants to explore the various components of the Val’Cueran. It was an engaging way to learn about the company. The wolves have their own values, traditions, and hierarchy, and are a part of what comprises the White Tower at TarValon.Net

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