Cairhien has fallen to The Dragon Reborn.  What is next for the Band of the Red Hand?

25 Choren 999 NE

It has been awhile since the Battle for Cairhien.  There’s a rumor that Queen Morgase of Andor is dead and there are Andoran soldiers trying to take Cairhienin land.  Lord Mat officially named us the Band of the Red Hand, and we have been assigned to patrol the border.  It always seems that Lord Mat doesn’t want to fight and I think it makes him angry when he has to.  We have fought the Andorans three times now, and it just doesn’t seem right, but I think it has something to do with the man who has taken control of Andor.  I never thought I would see a man running Andor, but there’s a rumor that the Princess Elayne is dead or missing.  I’m glad I’m not Andoran.


1 Shaldine 999 NE

We have new orders.  The Lord Dragon has ordered us to return to Tear.  I am looking forward to going home, but since the Band includes Cairhienin, I know we are not being sent home for good.  The Lord Dragon has to have some sort of plan.  We had to stop and battle some more Andoran soldiers in Maerone, but it was minor, all things considered.  Lord Mat has decided we are going to march 35 miles a day.  I don’t know that I can walk that far, but if that’s what Lord Mat wants, then that’s what we will do.


12 Shaldine 999 NE

It turns out we can go 35 miles in a day.  We are halfway to Tear, but we had to stop because we found Tuatha’an wagons.  They were burned and the people were killed.  There was a message that said to tell the Lord Dragon.  How could someone kill all of those Tinkers?  They were a peaceful people and they never hurt anyone.  Whoever did this are monsters.


12 Shaldine 999 NE (same night)

We were attacked while we were sleeping.  The night guards were able to rouse us, but it was a costly battle.  No one was ready.  It was more of those Aiel that we fought in Cairhien.  I think they were the same ones to kill the Tinkers.  Now, Lord Mat says we need to dig a trench and build a palisade when we camp at night.  I know it’s for our protection, but that’s a lot of work just to sleep at night.


19 Shaldine 999 NE

We were only a few days away from reaching Tear when the Lord Dragon gave us new orders.  He had already taken Andor and he is sending us to retrieve the Princess Elayne.  I was promoted to Bannerman after the fight with the Aiel.  Some of them fell, so I don’t know if it’s something I really want to do, but it is quite an honor to carry Lord Mat’s banner.  I was also issued a horse, which is why I won’t complain too much.  Riding comes with its own aches and pains, but at least I don’t have to walk anymore.  We have been ordered into Altara, and we were able to get here with just a few steps through a hole in midair.  It has something to do with the One Power.  I am not afraid, but I don’t know if I really want to do that again.


20 Shaldine 999 NE

Lord Mat halted the Band.  Vanin, the lead scout, had come back to tell us there are Aes Sedai and Warders ahead.  Lord Mat chose me to go with him, and I did.  There were so many Aes Sedai around, I wasn’t sure if I should look at them or avoid looking at them at all.  It turns out the Princess is here with the Aes Sedai, and since we need to take her to Andor, I guess we’ll be here until she’s ready to leave.  Based on Lord Mat’s reaction after he spoke to her, I don’t think we’ll be leaving soon.

Tune in next week for the final installment!

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