The Last Legs of the Journey to The Last Battle

10 Nesan 999

Lord Mat left with Princess Elayne, but I don’t think they’re going to Caemlyn.  He took only a few of the Band, and left the rest of us here with Lord Talmanes.  He seems to be all right for a Cairhienin, so we will follow him.  The Amyrlin Seat has decided to move her army toward Tar Valon, and we are currently marching through Murandy.  I don’t much like following the Aes Sedai, but it’s better than just sitting still, so we’ll just keep going.

20 Nesan 999

Vanin has returned to the Band and told us where Lord Mat is.  Lord Talmanes selected a bunch of us to go with him to meet with Lord Mat.  I like this job much better than having to follow the Amyrlin.  There are Seanchan in these woods, and we are going to help Lord Mat fight his way out of here and back into Murandy.  There is a pass in the Damona Mountains he was going to use to rejoin the Band, but a landslide blocked it and the only way to get out is through the Molvaine Gap, which is being guarded by the Seanchan.  I think we are in for a lot of fighting, again, but hopefully we can keep Lord Mat safe.

28 Nesan 999

We have done it.  It took a lot of fighting, but we were able to defeat so many Seanchan that they had to pull their troops away from the Molvaine Gap.  Now, we are on our way to Andor to meet up with the rest of the Band.  I just hope there will be time to rest soon.  Everyone says we are headed for the Last Battle and, with the Dragon Reborn, I don’t doubt it, but we have done a lot of fighting the last few days, and I really just want to rest.

4 Danu 999

A strange Aes Sedai showed up in our camp.  She told Lord Mat she would open one of those holes in the air, a Gateway, if we promised to stay in Andor for 30 days.  I guess Lord Mat decided to take her up on it, because now we’re sitting outside of Caemlyn.  If we get to sit here for 30 days, so much the better, in my opinion.

3 Taisham 1, Fourth Age

It is all over.  A lot has happened since I last had time to put pen to paper.  We did stay outside of Caemlyn for the promised amount of time.  Lord Mat left on a secret mission, and we were left to fight off a Trolloc horde that made its way into the city.  It was a long and bloody battle, and the city fell anyway.  We almost lost Lord Talmanes.  We eventually ended up joining all of the other armies of the Light to fight against the forces of the Dark One.  It was a long and drawn out battle.  Lord Mat led us all and someone said something about him being a Prince now.  I can’t believe I made it all the way through to the end.  I wouldn’t say it was without a scratch since I took a sword to the thigh during the last battle.  An Aes Sedai was able to save my life, but they tell me it was close.  I am looking forward to going home to Tear.  I wonder what the future is going to bring us, now that the Fourth Age has started.

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