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25 Saven 999 NE

The High Lady Tuon has been kidnapped.  I do not understand how someone could just take her out from under our very eyes, but she is gone.  We have been ordered to keep her disappearance quiet, but other things have happened, as well.  Tylin, the queen of this portion of this land, has been murdered, and her son Beslan has raised to king in her place.  There are also some missing damane that were taken within the walls of this city.  I do not understand why there are so many marath’damane in this strange land.  And they seem to be respected by almost all of the people who live here.  It is most curious.  I am sure we have not caught them all, but I wonder if it is in our best interest to catch them all.  They might be more rebellious than any damane we have ever trained.  Our damane know their place and have never known the lives these women have.  It is very odd.  I will wait to see what happens, now.

15 Amadine 999 NE

Banner’General Karede has decided to look for High Lady Tuon.  He is bringing two damane and two sul’dam, and I am one of them.  We are bringing Tilly because she is a good damane and we make a good team.  We should be able to best any of the marath’damane that might fight back against us.  I hope.

2 Tammaz 999 NE

We have found The Daughter of the Nine Moons.  Much has happened since I last wrote.  We found High Lady Tuon, but she had removed her veil, so she was the Daughter of the Nine Moons.  When we arrived back in Ebou Dar, we were informed that her mother had died and now she is the Empress, may she live forever, but she has not yet declared herself Empress, so she is still the princess.  It was a confusing time and it came on the heels of a lot of fighting.  Tilly and I are very tired, but we fought well, so we are to be rewarded.  We will continue to be part of the protection detail for Daughter of the Nine Moons, and we will be allowed to stay close to her after she declares herself.

23 Tammaz 999 NE

The Daughter of the Nine Moons has decided to meet with the Dragon Reborn.  The prophesies say he will kneel to the Crystal Throne, but the rumors we have heard about this Dragon does not make me think he will bend.  I do not know what this will mean for the Last Battle.  I hope it is not lost before it begins because he fails to heed the omens.

24 Tammaz 999 NE

He refused to kneel.  The Empress, may she live forever, has declared herself.  She has also ordered an attack on a place they call The White Tower in the city of Tar Valon.  Many marath’damane live there and I am to wait here with the other sul’dam so we can receive them.  The morat’raken will collar them when they are captured and then bring them to us.  Some of the sul’dam will go with them, but I am afraid of heights, so I did not volunteer and no on questioned my decisions, for which I am grateful.  Now, all there is to do is wait.

1 Maighdal 999 NE

The morat’raken are all back, and there are so many damane now, we do not have enough sul’dam to train them.  Melitene has taken one that keeps insisting she is some sort of leader among the marath’damane.  She keeps claiming to be the Amyrlin Seat, whatever that is.  How can a person be chair?  What a silly place.  Suffa, the damane, has been useful in one way, at least.  Melitene has been getting her to demonstrate all of the skills she has, and she has brought us something she calls Traveling.  Tilly was allowed to watch and now she, too can travel.  It will be most helpful when we go back to the White Tower.

10 Shaldine 999 NE

Our plans to attack the White Tower again have been put to an end.  Tarmon Gai’don is upon us, and we had to make a deal with the Dragon Reborn.  The Empress, may she live forever, was able to come to an agreement with him.  She doesn’t like it, and neither does he, so I think that means it’s supposed to be good.  We are going north to fight and I do not know when I will be able to write again.  If I die in battle, I hope someone is able to tell my family how much I love them and that was thinking of them at the end.

3 Taisham 1 NE

It is ended.  I did not think I would live to write again, and it feels a bit dramatic, now that I go back and read it again.  Tilly is dead.  She fell during the battle and I could not save her.  I will be assigned a new damane.  They are talking about giving me one of the new damane we took from the White Tower.  I will be kind to her, but I think I am going to have to give her a new name.  She is very attached to her old name, and I do not think it is wise to let her keep using it.  It might make her try to escape.  Many damane captured since we came to this land are this way.  Part of the agreement the Empress, may she live forever, made with the Dragon was that we would not expand our borders and we would not take any marath’damane outside of our borders.  We will also leave these “Aes Sedai” alone.  I do not like it because marath’damane are dangerous, but the Dragon did not agree, and he is no longer here to discuss it with, so the decision will stand.  It is time for us to go back to Ebou Dar and begin building and solidifying our new country.  I have also heard from the Prince of the Ravens, a strange man to say the least, that we are also preparing for a new baby in the royal family.  It is an exciting time and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.

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