TarValon.Net Recap September


September of 2020 at TarValon.net seemed like a month of transition – transition from vacation to school, transition from quieter to livelier. The month started slowly, but it became more and more active as it went on.


Events September


During this month there were several things of note happening:
  • A winner for the International Red Cross Fundraiser was chosen and sent a prize! For the blog post about the fundraiser check here .
  • We opened our Costume/Cosplay Forum, where people can share their knowledge about recreating stage costumes or designing their own versions of Wheel of Time costumes, as they’ve imagined them. Check out the newly opened forum here.
  • The Costume Team is running a sew along, since a lot of people have shown interest in the American Duchess Cape pattern. If you are interested in joining, check this thread here.

Duchess Cape

  • The Department of Marketing is also challenging all members to draw something every day during Inktober! Read about our very own set of Wheel of Time drawing prompts on our blog post here.


Hiring September

Several people were appointed to new positions at TarValon.Net during September. We would like to congratulate:


Raisings September

The Hall of the Tower was busy contemplating several raisings. Many congratulations to:
  • The newest Accepted – Cinna Vrammar,

A graphic that says Congratulations Cinna Vrammar our newest Accepted

  • Kenith Sna’aps, who was summoned to start training as the newest Novice,

A graphic that says Congratulations Kenith Sna'aps our newest Novice

  • Owena al’Saturni Aes Sedai, the newest Sister of the Green Ajah.

A graphic that says Congratulations Owen al'Saturni our newest Green Aes Sedai

Bonds September


We saw a new bond, created under the Light, connecting two people, who have sworn to fight the Shadow together!
Congratulations to Faeril Munlear of the Green Ajah and Atreyu Silverstar of San d’ma Shadar Company on their bond.


Open Positions September


Open positions at TarValon.net during September:
  • Head of the White Ajah – Applications closed September 25, 2020.
  • Tar Valon Times Writers and Artists – Applications closed September 25, 2020. Our Editor Aleita Taviah is still interested to hear from you if you would like to contribute to the Tar Valon Times. E-mail her at editor@tarvalon.net anytime with your interest or ideas.
  • Forum Moderators and Discord Operators – Applications due October 3, 2020. If you are interested in applying, check the thread here.
  • Director of Research and Records – Applications due October 9, 2020. If you are interested in applying, check the thread here.


We would like to say thank you to Leala al’Dareis, who is stepping down as Head of the White Ajah, and to Atarah al’Norahn, who is stepping down as Director of Research and Records. Good luck to all the applicants!


The month wraps up with the Fall Executive Meeting, which was held on September 26, 2020. Stay tuned for next month’s recap, where we will cover the results of the Executive Meeting as well as everything else interesting that has happened at TarValon.Net!
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