From April 1 to June 30, 2020, the Val’Cueran Company hosted a walking challenge. The main goal was to collectively walk 1600 miles, the distance from Tar Valon to the Ocean of Tear. The participants were Alora Sionn, Braedan Fearghal, Dreia Raieese (Honor Guard), Madhar al’Thera, Cieon Maralyn, Randle al’Ren (Company Commander), Lok Sionn, Sassaba, Tomeina Raieese, Raeviendha al’Toma, Laithean Cor’dazar, Elanda Tonil, Dovienya el’Korim, myself, and my son.


During the three month challenge, we managed to travel 1291.6 miles. Though we came in 308.4 miles short of the goal, it was a great accomplishment. As Alora explained, “We had a couple of injuries during the course of this run…but we pushed hard anyway.”


After a few months break, and with the approach of the holiday season (great motivation to try to be active), a new challenge has begun. The Race to the Feast of Lights will take place from November 1, 2020 through to January 1, 2021. This challenge is to collectively go 800 miles, which is the distance from Tar Valon to Cairhien and back again.


Participants will track the miles they walk or run. Biking will also count this time, calculated as 1 mile walked for each 3 miles on the bike. Screenshots or pictures of the treadmill screen will count as ones official miles. These are being posted and tracked in a special channel on the Tower Discord.


The runners for the Race to the Feast of Lights are Alora, Lok, Sassaba, Rand, Madhar, Dreia, Tomeina, Raevi, Leala, Ashara, Atane, Siera, Bruce, Jahily, Qamra, Zashara, Aleita, Cieon, Ilverin, myself, and my son (Darson, as he’s been dubbed). Miles are being posted everyday in the discord channel.


Best of luck to all the participants!

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