Today we say Happy “Koloss Head-Munching Day” to celebrated American author, Brandon Sanderson!


Brandon Sanderson


Sanderson made his mark in the Wheel of Time community after taking up the torch from the late Robert Jordan, and completing his masterpiece.


Sanderson has won multiple awards for his own works; and is most well known for creating the multi-series Cosmere universe. The latest of which is Rhythm of War, which was released in November 2020. Our forums have a special Brandon Sanderson section in the Book Discussion forums that is dedicated to his works. (Don’t worry, the threads are clearly marked with spoiler tags!) You can also join in the discussion on our Discord channel’s Library section.


In addition to his writing, Sanderson has developed a very robust YouTube channel, which he describes as “fairly eclectic.” It contains a great deal of resources aimed at aspiring writers, including his university lecture series at his alma mater, Brigham Young University. There are also videos of live signings, interviews, random thoughts, etc.


Fun fact for those who may not know, Sanderson’s birthday is also known as “Koloss Head-Munching Day.” This started as a joke when a fan asked if there were any holidays on Scadrial, a fictional planet in the Mistborn series. Naturally, this has been picked up and celebrated annually by his fan base.


For more information about Sanderson’s current and upcoming projects, you can visit his website. Also upcoming is his “State of the Sanderson” report, which is released annually in December.

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