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I came on board in the Marketing Department less than a year after joining TarValon.Net. Since then, I have asked myself many times what I can do to help the Tower. Today, I can say that one of my projects is finally, if not complete, ready to go. A few months ago, I asked all of the Membership Admins to collect book recommendations to create a list for each group. Many of the Heads of Ajah and Company Commanders have sent me their lists, and I have logged quite a few hours loading all of those lists into a new TarValon.Net Bookstore.


So, then, the question is, why did I put in this effort and what are we going to do with a bookstore? Well, at a basic level, anyone can go to the store and check the lists to see what other groups are reading. If you live in the United States, you can buy books off of any of those lists, and a percentage of the sales will go to the Tower. Unfortunately, they have not started shipping internationally yet, though they are working on getting into other countries.
If your member group does not have a list, it is not too late to add one. My intent was for each list to never really be complete. Anyone can add to their list at any time (marketing@tarvalon.net). It just means more books to share with each other and whoever else sees the store.


The Graphics Development Team has done a great job with the graphics on each list. Every graphic has that Ajah or Company’s image hidden somewhere in it. Some of them are hidden so well, I haven’t found them yet. So, head over, give it a try, and see what you think!


You can find a link to the bookstore under Store on the forum homepage.

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