Well, we did it team, we’ve finally arrived at the end of the longest century of the longest day of the longest month of our lives. 2020 has been so timey-wimey that it feels like it was only March yesterday, and yet somehow it is New Year’s at the end of the week! Gracious. I am firmly in agreement with our very own Katarianna’s #coronavirustictoklessons that none of this year’s birthdays count toward our aging, which seems very appropriate for a site full of Aes Sedai. I really do think that getting to the end of the year healthy, and relatively happy, is an accomplishment in its own right. You should be proud of yourselves no matter what!







Please join us in welcoming these members to their new positions:




Our newly-retired Mayor, Jahily al’Karee, joined the Tower! Welcome to our newest JM!




The Department of Marketing has an open-ended, flexible invitation to join them on your own terms, for as much or as little time as you want. If you’re interested in writing, graphic design or social media this is the Department for you! Check them out!


Our thoughts are with Team Jordan’s Wilson Grooms as he battles cancer. The family requests privacy at this time and is thankful for the community’s support.


Finally, we’d like to wrap up this summary by wishing our very own Mother, Serinia Edoras, the happiest of birthday months in this magical year where we do not age. We appreciate you, and all the others who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep this place up and running. Go Ohio sports ball!
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