The time has come once again for Book Riot to release their Read Harder Challenge.  2021 will be the seventh year of the Read Harder Challenge and, we here at TarValon.Net have been participating I the challenge for the last few years.  The point of the challenge is for readers to challenge themselves to discover books they never would have picked up otherwise.  It’s a way to try new genres and discover new authors.  Personally, I’ve had trouble finishing the list in the last two years.  (Who reads horror on purpose?!)


There are 24 tasks you can spread out however you’d like over the next 12 months.  If you’d like to, you can count one book for more than one task.  The idea isn’t to beat anyone else, but to do what’s best for you.  So, what do they have in store for us this year?


We have a thread you can use to chat with other members about your book choices, progress, or lack thereof, here  We’ve also been sharing the links every time Book Riot releases a list of recommendations for each suggestion on the list.  If you finish the challenge, you can submit your completed list to Book Riot for a 30% off code at Out of Print. We look forward to reading with you this year!


Editor Note: We will be updating this blog post as the BookRiot Recommendations become available.

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