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Rand al’Thor: Josha Stradowski




Strap in dear reader for this young man, because he is destined to change the world. Josha Stradowski, playing the role of Rand al’Thor, is more familiar to the screen than one would believe. Delving into his filmography I learned he began his start as a young boy on stage, rather than screen work; in musicals such as The Sound of Music and Ciske de Rat. He made the move to screen as a teenager. While most of his work is either based in television or short films, he does have a TV movie credit to his name. Let’s take a look together at some of his work and the type of characters he has played before.




Josha is a Dutch actor, born in Rotterdam, Netherlands. His first break came in the form of a children’s show in 2011 called Naranjina en de Kadekapers, and apologies for being unable to translate that fully. Naranjina translates to Orange, which is the main character of the show. She is helped by her dog, Dokko, as well as several of her friends track down her parents who abandoned her on a transport ship of the same name. Josha plays a young, spirited boy named Freddie and is one of the crew. I wish I could find more but information on this particular show is limited. There is a small YouTube Channel that has a few videos, so if you’re interested you can check it out there.


Over the years Josha appeared in several more TV series, but he got his chance to be in a movie in 2018’s Gewoon Vrienden (Just Friends). It is the story of two young men who fall in love but both struggle to deal with very strict mothers. Our Josha plays the character Joris who is described as tough, but has trouble getting away from his mother who is addicted to plastic surgery.

You will do well


From my brief look into Josha’s acting history, I personally feel he has shown range and will bring a uniqueness to the role that already surrounds the character he will be portraying. Time will tell how well he does, but we as the fans know, the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. Would you join me on the air date to see how Josha embodies Rand, dear reader?


If you wish to look further in depth on the information presented here take a look at Josha’s IMDB page.  All information provided in this article came from here.

Once again I would like to thank each of you for taking the time to read my articles. Up next, I believe a certain trouble maker of Emond’s Field will be gracing my pages. Until then take care.

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