A Sa’lebration (a term coined by Mieriana Souvra) in honor of Sa’areah Britthorn, outgoing Director of Membership, is taking part in the Faire Grounds from February 3rd – 11th. Sa’areah Britthorn has dedicated over 8 years to caring for and guiding the members of our community through ups and downs. Sa’areah received the Amyrlin’s Volunteer of the Year Award in 2012 and the Keeper’s Award for Extraordinary Service in 2015.




Sa’areah Britthorn has been a member of TarValon.Net since 2006, and was raised to the Yellow Ajah in 2008. In addition to her 8+ years as Director of Membership, Sa’areah has also served as Head of the Yellow Ajah, two terms as Heart of the Yellow Ajah, and two as Sitter for her Ajah in the Hall of the Tower. Sa’areah has also served as a Library Editor, Article Editor, Research Committee Member, Junior Archivist, Integration Focus Group Member and Mistress of the Gleeman’s Guild. Sa’areah has also served her Ajah in the unofficially official roles of THE Tea Brewer and Sunshine. With 10 Gold Merits and 5 Silver Merits, Sa’areah’s contribution to our community cannot be understated.


In the words of our Amyrlin Seat, Serinia Edoras.

Sa’ is an institution and I am so grateful for her dedication. She has given so much of her time and energy and support to our community and impacted all of us. We’ll never be able to repay her, but I hope this Sa’lebration is a fun salute to not just what she’s done, but the wonderful person she is!


We invite you all to celebrate and give thanks to Sa’areah and wish her the best in her next chapter. Have your fortune told by The Oracles of Sa’elphi, raise a glass in a Toast for the Sa’lebration. Being Director of Membership comes with a lot of responsibilities, but what would you do If you were Director of Membership? Share in some fun Quiz’Areah‘s as well!


After many years of service, Sa’areah is due for a nice long vacation. Where do you think Sa’areah should go to enjoy her Vacation? Why not have some fun and Dress Up for the Sa’lebration! Take some fun Sa’vatar Selfies or try your hand at drawing some. And, don’t forget about the GIFS *ahem*!


There are also some beautiful badges for our members to wear for the Sa’lebrations.

Thank You Sa Badge  Join the Sa'lebrations

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