Diary of an Aes Sedai Part 4


This post contains spoilers for The Wheel of Time Series

2 Aine 975 NE


I’ve been given my first assignment as a Black.  I am to go out into the world and look for the Dragon Reborn.  I’m not really sure why, since the Amyrlin just assigned all of the Accepted to go look for babies or something, but if it gets me out of the Tower, I’m all for it.  I’m tired of being here and doing tasks set by some of the Blue sisters.  Like I really care about secret weaves or whatever.  Besides, Moiraine and Suian are probably going to choose Blue, so they’ll have new sisters to torture soon enough.  I’m gone.

2 Aine 991 NE


It’s been years since they sent me to look for the young Dragon.  I haven’t seen even a hint, but I haven’t really been trying all that hard, either.  I send a report to the Black to make its way to the Supreme Council every few months to tell them I don’t know a thing, and they send me money for my search.  It’s been nice traveling around and staying in nice inns with good food.  I don’t even care about finding the Dragon.  He’s supposed to reveal himself, right?

2 Jumara 999 NE


I was right, of course.  The Dragon did reveal himself.  He took the Stone of Tear.  Impressive, since no one has ever done it before.  I hear he’s gone into the Aiel Waste, which seems like a waste of time because it’s so hot and dusty there.  I’m certainly not going.  I think I’ll go to Cairhien and see if I can help stir up some trouble.

20 Tammaz 999 NE


Well, that was a bit of a bust.  That stupid boy, because that’s all he is, came and fought a big battle outside the walls of Cairhien and I had to stay inside with all those peasants that live outside the walls.  I’ve been told to keep an eye on him and report his movements.  If he’s going to move into the palace, I’ll follow that shepherd anywhere.

5 Choren 999 NE


I was able to attach myself to the Dragon somehow.  I’ve been trying not to draw attention to myself, but people don’t really notice other people around him and, if I keep my face hidden, no one bothers me.  I’m sure I’ll have to go with him when he eventually leaves, but I figure if I can keep getting away with the bare minimum of work, I’ll be fine.

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