Diary of an Aes Sedai Part 5


This post contains spoilers for The Wheel of Time Series

20 Shaldine 999 NE


That idiot has been bouncing around all over the place. Just thinking about all of that traveling is exhausting. I think the Last Battle is close. I hope I won’t have to fight. I was promised power, but no one told me it was going to take so much work.

1 Nesan 999 NE


I’ve received a message to stay away from the Tower. Apparently, something big has happened and the Black Ajah have all fled the Tower. We have no eyes and ears inside the Tower anymore. I don’t even know what happened with my Heart. All I know is that I’m to stay away from the Tower, keep a low profile, and show up when the Last Battle comes. Works for me. I think I’ll go wait in the Sun Palace. I “know” the Dragon, after all.

2 Amadine 1000 NE


I’ve received my orders to go to the Last Battle. They told us to go north and we would “just know” where to go. Whatever. I’ve met up with a few Aes Sedai who gave the hand signal, so I guess we’re going for the same reasons. They keep going on and on about how we’re going to win the battle. I’m not quite as confident as they are, but that’s mostly because I just heard the Tower was attacked the rumor is that the defense of the Tower was led by a Novice and they made her the Amyrlin! Someone must be dreaming. There’s no way they would make a Novice the Amyrlin Seat.

2 Danu 1000 NE


We’ve made it. We’ve been given our positions and some disgusting Trollocs we’re supposed to lead or something. I guess I have no choice but to fight but with all of these gross creatures and all of the channelers on our side, what could possibly go wrong?


This journal was found among the belongings of enemy Aes Sedai after the Last Battle ended. While we cannot know for sure exactly who the journal belongs to, we do think it would be a good idea to preserve it in the library. Maybe someone will read it as a cautionary tale someday. It is a new Age, after all. – Alenya Al’Roran, Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah

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