A member of the Dai M’Hael is a Warder who uses their brain as well as their brawn. They use psychology and tactics as their springboard to combat. They are the sort of person who can map out battles in their head, and makes a good officer/tactician working with large groups of people. While also passionate, they maintain a bit of distance and weighs the odds of victory before going into a fight. A Dai M’Hael’s greatest weapon is their mind, for it is the mind that orders the fist to strike, the feet to run and the heart to pound. Without using one’s mind, a battle will most surely be lost. A Dai M’Hael is like a hawk, shrewd, intelligent and all-seeing. But still wielding deadly talons with great skill when the time calls for it. Val a’Shain


Dai M'Hael


Dai M’Hael is one of the four Companies of Warders at TarValon.Net. Founded alongside San d’ma Shadar and Val’Cueran in 2002, the Company gets it’s name from the Old Tongue for “Battle Leaders.” There are seventy-four people known to have been raised to Gaidin of Dai M’Hael. The Company is currently led by Company Commander, Dnae Ila; Honor Guard, Drake O’Neeus; and Warder Councillors, Brandon Tat’vakja and Kerwin Thaumiel.



Drake  Brandon  Kerwin


Dai M’Hael has had 12 different Company Commanders.


The Honor Guards and Warder Councillors of Dai M’Hael have served their Company and our community at large. Thank you all for your service!


But their service doesn’t stop at their Company walls. Many members of Dai M’Hael have served (and continue to serve) the greater TarValon.Net community in many different capacities.



Many members of Dai M’Hael have also served as members of staff across our many Departments (and many still do!) The Gaidin of Dai M’Hael have collectively earned 10 Amyrlin Awards, 5 Keeper Awards, and a staggering 36 Members Choice Awards!


Thank you to all members of Dai M’Hael past and present for your dedication to your company and your service to TarValon.Net.

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