Dear Aes Sedai …

How did you get this job?

Looking for something to do


Dear Looking for something to do,

To put it simply, I volunteered. See, there are a ton of Aes Sedai in the Tower, and out; so it seemed like a long shot to be able to write for this column. They asked for volunteers, and I figured it certainly couldn’t hurt to throw my hat in the ring. The worst that could happen was someone would say no, but here I am! This time, I get an easy question, but you never know what will come up next. If you want to join me and the other mystery writers (because there’s no fun in doing it alone), send an email to the Editor, and she’ll hook you up!

Do you have a question to ask our Mystery Aes Sedai(s)? You can fill out this form HERE or email your questions to Names of submitters will remain anonymous.

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  1. Looking for something to do should definitely sign up if they’re an Aes Sedai 😉

    If not, send in a question! Try and stump our Aes Sedai.

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