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This article relates to my previous post on January 17th, 2021

As many of you know by this time, Amazon released a few seconds of a Moiraine teaser on March 17th, 2021. This was shortly followed up by a Q&A from our favorite show runner, Rafe Judkins, over on Twitter. I didn’t ask the question about channeling myself, but I am glad someone did. And I must admit, Mr. Judkin’s answer gave me chills of excitement because his answer was so very much along the lines of what I was hoping for as far as the “style” being up to the original user. Please view his tweet for yourself!

(Side note: If you want to dig even deeper into the rabbit hole of this particular teaser, you can head over to The Dusty Wheel’s discussion of the trailer. Those lucky ducks in Germany somehow got a longer, more zoomed out view in their trailer, (shown at 2:55 in the video) and friends, there be Trollocks in that thar preview! The original post has long since been removed, but it was a really real reel from Amazon bit of film, albeit an unfinished one. I genuinely take comfort in being a part of such an attentive and excited fandom who catch things like this and spread it throughout our whole Randland loving world.)

Most recently, via Instagram on May 20th, 2021, Mr. Judkins did another fan Q&A in celebration of wrapping up Season 1 of the show, and announcing that Season 2 is a go. (SEASON 2 IS A GOOOOOO PEOPLE!!!! Thank you Amazon!) His answers were humorously frustrating, especially the bit about about who will be able to see the channeling or not. I guess streaming television is the new Test?! Here’s hoping we all pass.

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