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Nynaeve al’Meara: Zoë Robins



Greetings once more dear reader. Have you ever been angry and used those emotions to get you through whatever situation you might be in at the time? Trouble at work or maybe dealing with horrid wait times when you’re on a busy schedule? Well today’s article won’t be written in anger, but will draw a focus to it. How do you think Zoë Robbins will do in acting in the role of our favorite braid-tugging Wisdom, Nynaeve al’Meara? Let’s find out together before she locates some sheepstongue root.



Zoë seems to be one of the more rare actors in the lineup so far. She is the only one who has mostly television series acting experience. Beginning her career with The New Tomorrow in 2005 as the character Faygar. While only a bit part for a single episode it appears that this caused her to contract the acting bug further. In 2006 she starred in The Killian Curse as the character Haley. The show revolved around a group of teens dealing with a curse centered on the number 21. She appears for six episodes in the first season. The only review on IMDB read as, “Good but traumatizing. Wish it stayed longer.”, so I would recommend watching with caution. Now we have a ten year gap between 2006 and 2016 where she returned for another bit part in The Shannara Chronicles as the character Zora, but in 2017 is where it gets juicy. She decided it was Morphin’ Time and portrayed the role of Hayley Roster the White Ninja Steel Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel. She kept this role steadily until the season finale in 2018. Now here we are looking at what I would call her biggest role to date and I am really curious, as a fan of Nyneave, to really see how well she does.


You come back here, or I’ll hero you!

It seems that I’ve given Zoë a rather large spotlight on her career and an actor, but to be honest with you reader there wasn’t as much to go on as the others. That being said I truly do see her pulling out the stops and completely owning this role. It’s a gut feeling, but I know we’ll all be impressed and give her the respect a Wisdom, no, an Aes Sedai deserves.


If you wish to look further in depth on the information presented here the link to Zoe’s IMDB page. All information provided in this article came from here.

Once again I would like to thank each of you for taking the time to read my articles. I would follow up with the final member of The Triple Threat, but unfortunately Elayne Trakand has yet to be cast. Instead maybe I’ll write on a source of anger and consternation for Nynaeve…..

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