Red Ajah Highlight

The Red Ajah – Highlight for July 2019 ​


July 2019 was the first month from our Social Media Highlights where we featured one of our own Ajahs at TarValon.Net (and also one of the Ajahs from the books) – The Red Ajah!


We began the month by letting the Red Ajah at TarValon.Net tell us a little bit about them:


Red Quote


Which also brought some discussion in the comments:


Red Discussion


What do you think about this? How might the Red Ajah’s purpose change after The Last Battle? Comment in the comments below. Maybe the answer is something similar to this:


Tarna Quote


After the Last Battle, Reds start bonding channeling men and eventually they start working together? That doesn’t sound too bad!


We shared some interesting Ajah traditions, that our Reds at TV.Net have:



And then as quotes, we have one of our past Highest of the Red Ajah sharing a quote:


Highest 1


And the current (then) Highest also made an appearance:


Sailea Quote


Our trivia that month featured book Reds and the following questions:



It is safe to say that many people got these two correct without even hesitating for the answers! Amazing!


We shared a lot of pictures of RED SHAWLS! Look at all of these pretties!


Red Shawls


If you want to learn more about TarValon.Net’s Red Ajah, head towards their Headquarters in our Library here.

We also have a very interesting article about Pevara on our blog.

*The backgrounds of the quotes represent TarValon.Net’s logo for the Red Ajah, and are property of TarValon.Net.

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