In the above image (which honestly looks like some kind of séance — are we trying to summon something? We have questions, Rafe), you can see the following:




written by

Dave Hill

Based on Robert Jordan’s series The Wheel of Time


The thing we have the biggest question about is the title, “The Dragon Reborn”! How can Season 1, Episode 4 have anything to do with The Dragon Reborn? Our speculation is that it’s something to do with introducing the concept of The Dragon Reborn to the viewers, possibly through the introduction of Logain going through Caemlyn. Will we see some of what Lews Therin Telamon did in The Age of Legends? That would be amazing!





Dave Hill is an American television writer who worked on three episodes in HBO’s Game of Thrones: season 5’s “Sons of the Harpy”, season 6’s “Home”, and season 7’s “Eastwatch”. He originally started as an assistant to the Game of Thrones executive producers/writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss in Season 2. He is also credited as a story editor for season 6 and an executive story editor for season 7.




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  1. This may be the New Spring flashback episode everyone has been asking for as well. That would be my guess. That the episode focuses on the events surrounding the birth of Rand al’Thor from Moiraine’s perspective.

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