Leala here. I’m still getting my home office space ready, and I really want my comic to make a comeback. But I also want to get my space together in my own time, without driving myself crazy. So to awaken my creative side, and to tide everyone over, I’m making a sketch of a Wheel of Time character in the Tattered Threads style to get us back in the spirit. Please keep in mind that my style with physical media and digital media may look slightly different.

So, you think you know about Elayne Trakand? Well, I mean…you probably do. She’s the Daughter-Heir of Andor, she’s a powerful channeler, she’s been trained in leadership. She has nightmares about her elderly caretaker becoming the Amyrlin Seat. Oh? You hadn’t heard about the Linyrlin Seat? Elayne sure wishes she hadn’t.

Elayne is described as pale with curly strawberry-blond hair and striking blue eyes. She’s absolutely gorgeous, y’all. She spends some time in the White Tower of course, and when we meet her, she’s wearing an incredible outfit, which I try to re-create here as well.

Novice Elayne

Daughter-Heir Elayne

Elayne is one of my favorites, because she grows quite a bit throughout the series. We see her faults. We see her worries, and we see her bond with various characters. She’s also incredibly intelligent. You’ll be sure to see her again in upcoming episodes of Tattered Threads, so stay tuned!

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