MAY you always find water and shade.  The May Recap from Tar Valon Times is here!


The month of May had a lot going on in Site Announcements:

  •  T-shirts for the Great Charity Hunt went on sale at the beginning of the month, and they look great!  May 31 was the last day to buy!  This was a fund-raiser for the on-going charity event, and you can find the link here.
  •  April’s Hero of the Horn in the Great Charity Hunt was announced as Natalya Laragan!
  •  Tar Valon has started re-reading the Eye of the World!  You can keep up with the official re-read thread every week in the Book Discussion board, and also follow along on social media.
  •  The Yellow Ajah is stepping up to help those in India affected by the COVID crisis with their GCH Project.  You are invited to check it out and help out here.
  •  The Great Charity Hunt has added a May Challenge to their hunt!  You can print out May Flowers with resources for mental health and well being, and distribute them where needed in your community.
  •  A mysterious thread popped up in General where one can get all sorts of accessories and accoutrements added to one’s braid.  Hop on over to the Blue Cat Inn and visit the Braid Consultants for some light-hearted fun and conversation!
  • Our Amyrlin Seat made an announcement clarifying and updating the Age Requirements for membership levels in our community.
  •  In a long-awaited announcement, the Amyrlin Seat proclaimed that those on the same membership path will be able to officially Bond beginning next month.  Our community fosters many kinds of wonderful relationships, and there has been active interest in the community guidelines changing in this way.  You can see the announcement here.
  •  The Amyrlin Seat and Keeper of the Chronicles made a large list of changes and works in progress of changes and goals made for the site.  Here, they made sure to give shoutouts to those helping them in their ventures.


Last month, we welcomed Jahily al’Karee as the Tar Valon Times Editor, and this month we welcomed Leala al’Dareis as the Assistant Editor of the Tar Valon Times!  Oh…wait.  That’s me!  I’m already enjoying my time working alongside our Editor, and Director of Marketing, Aleita Taviah.  I also see that we have an amazing team of reporters and content creators.  I’ll do my best to make the Tar Valon Times the best it can be!


There was only one raising in the month of May, and that was Accepted Jocasta Braithe!  Jocasta has been an active member of our community since she joined, and she is well deserving of this new rank.

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