There’s a very unofficial position within the White Ajah known as the Shawlmaker.

Why might we need a position such as this one?

Well… to make our Unity Shawls, of course!

We in the White Ajah believe that one of our greatest strengths is our individuality. We have a lot of different people with varied hobbies, interests, goals, and backgrounds. No two people are ever going to look at a situation in the same way. No two people are ever going to live the same life, or hold the exact same beliefs.

But we’re all part of the same group, and we like to show unity.

The mantle of Shawlmaker was first taken up by Ubahsur Kindellaer, and has since passed through a few other White Aes Sedai before landing on my shoulders – pun intended!

The principle of the Unity Shawls is quite simple.

We use the same materials, the same fringe, the same fabric, and the same trim for the flame on the back. The outside of a White Aes Sedai’s shawl is, sometimes quite literally, cut from the same cloth. This represents our unity. This shows that we’re all part of something bigger than ourselves. It helps us to remember that we’re not alone, and that we have an Ajah out there that is connected to us and there for us. The outer part of our Unity Shawls represents our home, and our family within the Ajah.


The lining of our Unity Shawls is a bit different. It represents our individuality. The lining can be solid or patterned with just about anything! It’s meant to be a reflection of the owner, and to showcase their personality.


This combination shows that while we’re all part of a whole, we’re each our own individual person, and we will each provide something a little bit different to the Ajah. Our Unity Shawls remind us that we are White Aes Sedai, but we’re also our own people and we all have different perspectives that are valuable.

My original Unity Shawl was made by Ubah Sedai, and she passed it along to me at 12th Anni in Fenton, Michigan. Later, I sat down with Enya Sedai and we pulled my fringe apart. I knew I was Aes Sedai, but it was then that I really felt like my journey had been completed.

And who wouldn’t want to play in all that long fringe!?

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