Dear Aes Sedai,
Is there a secret way into the kitchens for midnight snacks? Asking for a friend. Or a group of friends who like to stay up late and eat snacks.

Dear Reader,

If you only knew how many secrets ways there are to get from one place in the Tower to another … I’ve been an Aes Sedai for more years than I care to count, and even I don’t know them all.

The key to discovering the secret passages is to look for them while you’re doing other tasks, so you don’t get caught exploring without some valid reason to be where you’re found. Perhaps getting yourself assigned to extra kitchen duty would be a good start.

If you do happen to find a secret passage to the kitchens, beware of Laras. She’s sure to notice when snacks go missing, so be smart and don’t leave crumbs that attract mice to your dormitory or she’ll be after you with her wooden spoon!

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