This post contains spoilers for New Spring

The fashions of the various nations are described in New Spring. While some are explored in greater detail than others, it still provides a more complete depiction of the people of this world.

In general, the people of Altara are described as olive-skinned, but they are varied. Myrelle Berengari, from Altara, was “olive-skinned and beautiful” and nearly as tall as Siuan (p. 44). There was a Green Warder who was “very dark, perhaps a Tairen or a southern Altaran” (p. 115). “Tarna Feir was from the north of Altara, close to Andor” and had “pale yellow hair” and “cold blue eyes” (p. 47).
Embroidery and bright colors were emphasized in Altaran fashion. “Altaran men in heavily embroidered coats, Altaran women clutching their cloaks, bright red or green or yellow, to shield what their low-cut dresses exposed to the icy air” (p. 64).

A main feature of those from Saldaea was their eyes. Natasia, a Blue Aes Sedai, was “a slim Saldaean with dark tilted eyes and high cheekbones” (p. 171). Another Blue Aes Sedai from Saldaea, Sheriam was “fire-haired” (p. 202).

Very little is offered with regards to their actual fashion. A “skinny, hook-nosed fellow” from Saldaea was a “coatless groom” (p. 261). A Saldean tradesman or craftsman wore a “plain woolen coat” (p. 63). It is possible that in general they tended toward plain attire.

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