During the Amazon Prime Panel for Comic-Con @ Home on Friday, July 23rd, Tim Kash interviewed Rafe Judkins about Amazon’s upcoming Wheel of Time show.
The interview opened with a discussion about what Judkins’ connection to the story is; then they delved into the show itself and the vast resources of the book. Judkins referred to WoT as being the “connective tissue between Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones…” and said they “. . . want to stay as close to the books as we possibly can . . . we want to tell [the story] in a way that is best for television. . . . . [our adaptation] stays true the heart of the books and the spine of the storytelling.”
They also discussed how global the cast is, and how Robert Jordan’s writing focused on diversity, which is something they wanted to embrace. They want to make it the “most diverse fantasy show that’s been on television.” Then they narrowed focus onto Moiraine and the casting of Rosamund Pike as a foundational character. Judkins shared that during her interview, Pike said “Rafe, I know this woman, I can be this woman,” and he casted her because he knew she believed deeply in the work. He then discussed some of the production team — producers, writers, directors, etc.; and their goal of keeping the series authentic to the fantasy, grounded in reality, and true to the story. The balance of the team helps to make a better story.
His big reveal, at 15:38 was the new teaser poster. It showed Moiraine in a fantastic blue cloak at a gateway of sorts, with the new snake logo above her. The pose is very inviting, and suggests adventure awaits. This author thinks that the clouds in the background, light and dark, represent the full Aes Sedai symbol. Then they dropped that the release of the series will happen in November, which suddenly feels decades away instead of a few months. (They also tweeted the poster, see for yourself!)
Watch the Comic-Con@Home Panel for yourself! Judkins was the first guest, with their interview starting at 00:48 and going until 17:02.

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