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Apologies for the delay, dear reader. When last we spoke, I mentioned writing this article on a source of anger and consternation for Nynaeve, but did you think I would go for the low hanging fruit that is Moiraine? No, instead I’m choosing to give a highlight to Daniel Henney, or as we will get to know him, al’Lan Mandragoran. Say what you will about their interactions, you can’t deny that he had a way of making her tug her braids. Let us dive in and get to know this actor a little bit better.



Daniel Henney is an American born actor from Michigan. Before his acting career started in 2005 he began as a model in 2001. Thinking about where you may have seen him before you’d place him as some form of agent or officer. Roles such as Agent Zero in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, or Agent Phil Hayes in 2013’s The Last Stand may come to mind. However, if you’ve heard Henney speak, you may recognize his voice from Disney’s 2014 smash hit Big Hero 6’s Tadashi. He has had plenty of experience in the acting field it seems, and a good amount of back and forth between screen and television as a medium, and most has been action-oriented. However, the Wheel of Time series will be his first foray into the Fantasy Genre, and reports show that he himself has stated that this has been the most physically intense project he’s worked on. If you wish to speculate on what that may mean I will happily gush about it with you.

Death is light as a feather; duty, heavy as a mountain.

I know I go on and on about how excited I am about seeing these actors and actresses portray these characters, but it is always a true statement, dear reader. I am more than ready to see Henney don a color-changing cloak and ride into a swarm of trollocs.
If you wish to look further in depth on the information presented here, the link to Henney’s IMDB page is a great source of information. All information provided in this article came from here.
Once again, I would like to thank each of you for taking the time to read my articles. So I feel I should actually write about the charge of this Warder in my next installment.

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