Twenty Three

Suddenly you are twenty three
And living by yourself
And working full time
You own your own books
Grind your own coffee
Pay your own rent
Blasting your favorite music through the whole house and trying to decide what to cook for dinner
Suddenly all of life’s problems are your own responsibilities
But you musn’t forget that so too are lifes joy
You have your favourite boots;
A gorgeous deep burgundy that remind you of the rusty sheet iron and barbed wire of country drives when young
You have your favourite jacket;
Covered in pins and patches that shout fuck you I refuse to be quietly myself, I will express who I am and be fiercely true to myself
You have your favourite time of day;
When you’ve gotten home after work, your boots are finally off and the smell of a kitchen is showered away and the deep golden afternoon sunlight slips through the corner of the curtains.
Your friends care about you
Your best friend smiled today
You smiled today
Flowers opened
The sun rose
The moon rose
Stars still sparkle
Coffee is aromatic
Caramel is sticky sweet
You are alive, that’s something to be proud of.


Fire is as fire does
And fire beckons to the devils doves.
A candle here, red as blood
Dripping down over lovers cuffs.
Muffled moans and bitten tongues,
copper swill rich as wine.
Spill it now, every drop
Down down over unfouled gown.
Welcome, young heathen
Into Dantes dark realm.
Eight rings of delight and one more of slaughter.
So play away sweet innocence and sate your thirst.

Fever Dreams

Dancing in the dark under midnight clouds and stormlight strobes
Deep rhythmic rumble rip my chest open and bare my ribs
Dance child dance, heartbeat flicker flash thunder and gore
Bring my end o’ lords of lightning
Gaze down upon me Zues, Thor, Perun and Ba’al Point and whisper perish
Dance idiot dance, brilliance blindness and pain, welcome the end
Fever dreams and tossed blankets, cold fresh wind with rain
Clouds shift and moonlight settles on frigid aching veins
Tired eyes glance barren walls afore an open window with curtains a’gust as I remember
Something something dance and downpour fool under scrutiny
Something in the distance, storms rumbling war drums or angry gods roaring?



The sun is extinguished and a luke warm rain falls.
I am wandering an empty city void of breath but my own.
There are no clouds in the sky, just these dancing lights
So beautiful and wondrous yet distant and unreachable.
I look up and reach for them and watch as spiraling pinks blues purples move between my fingers.
I wish I could move like that; all grace and freedom but instead I am here standing amidst streets lacking traffic.
Where is everyone? Why am I so alone?
The thought leaves my lips on the tail of wind
An eon within a second passes while I crane my neck upwards when wind returns.
My own voice, near unfamiliar in haunting tone of melancholy.
Where is everyone? Why am I so alone?
My heart breaks and I fall to my knees, only broken asphalt between my fingers now.
My tears fall like like rain, gentle and warm, leaving dark marks on the ground before fading forever.

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