Our Red Ajah Takeover continues today with a look at one of the group’s newer traditions.

Our site Reds have developed several Ajah traditions over the years, many of which they are famous (or infamous?) for. Things like the Red Wall or Baby Reds are well-documented. And several others can be found on their Community Page.

One newer tradition they have adopted is that of a gifted charm necklace or bracelet. When a member is raised to Aes Sedai, they receive a chain, a red bead, and an acorn. The red bead is obvious, but what about the acorn? Head of Ajah Katherine Avery explains, “The acorn is our symbol. It stands for the ability to learn and grow at any time, even if we look dormant.”


There are beads for serving in Ajah leadership positions and in special ways for the group and community, symbols that the Ajah uses to represent characteristics and ideals — rose, crane, cat, chair, heart, to name a few.

And then there are beads that represent each member of the Ajah, which are gifted in exchange to each other upon meeting in person. Each bead is unique to a member of the Ajah, and is something the person has selected that represents them.

What a “charming” tradition, thank you Red Ajah for sharing with us this week!

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