Welcome to the 2021 Site Fundraiser: TarValon.Net Takes on the Black Ajah. This fundraiser will run from August 20 – September 17, 2021.
Our annual site fundraisers exist to keep TarValon.Net running. The funds raised are used to pay for things that keep our site active and engaging: server and domain expenses; ad-free forum hosting; advertising at JordanCon and through social media; and more. It is also used to fund the Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship. As a 501(c)7, TarValon.Net is completely self-funded — all contributions are greatly appreciated!
For more details, please see this Site Announcement from Erin al’Denael, Director of Community Outreach. This post includes all of the options for making financial gifts to the fundraiser.
The Department of Community Outreach has also prepared a series of events and prizes (donated) for the fundraising period. These will be revealed in stages based on donations received. The first event is the Hunt for the Black Ajah…
As decades have passed, the Black Ajah has steadily infiltrated the Tower. They have subverted valuable members of our community — or joined already devoted to the Shadow. It is our mission, members of TarValon.Net, to seek and find the insidious and elusive members of the Black Ajah.
You can join the Hunt in our General forum thread here.

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