This post contains minor spoilers for New Spring.

You can find downloadable/printable versions of this image here. For those who want to print it, the image is 8×10.5″ (20.32×26.67 cm). The PDF will print nicely on 8.5×11″ paper; it should hopefully print fine on A4 paper as well, but you may need to resize the image somewhat if your printer is fussy about margins.
Because this is the TVTT Accepted/Soldiers Edition, naturally Accepted of the White Tower make a suitable subject matter. Here we have Moiraine and Siuan as Accepted, plotting some prank. (Or rather, Siuan suggesting a prank and Moiraine arguing against it.) After all, Accepted can’t let the novices have all the fun! Originally, this scene was meant to depict Siuan convincing Moiraine that they should put mice in Elaida’s bed the night before they were made Aes Sedai specifically, but in the interest of creative freedom I’ve left it a little more open ended what exactly they’re up to. The designs of the Accepted dress here are based on the depiction in the graphic novel.
Happy coloring!

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