Warderball is back for our 11th season! Follow along as Tar Valon.Net’s finest battle against each other every week in head-to-head fantasy football matchups! We’ve got returning players and some new additions that should make for a great season. We’re going to introduce the teams and we had league commissioner, Braedan Fearghal, weigh in on each team’s potential MVP.

Atane’s Accomplices: Atane is a newcomer to the league this year. We can definitely see he is a Chiefs fan with four of his players coming from Kansas City. His best pick looks to be Tyreek Hill. Week 12 should be interesting with four “starters” on a bye that week.

Band of the Red Hand: Xander is a league veteran returning to the action. His top pick is Ezekiel Elliot.

Barrani Jokers: Rand is back again this year to angrily shake his cane in everyone’s direction. Patrick Mahomes should give his team a definite boost all season.

Braedan’s Bombers: League commissioner and our very own expert hopes Davante Adams can keep his team at the top of the league.

Brady Is God: New England’s own and world traveler Cursor surprisingly doesn’t have Tom Brady on his team. He does have Dak Prescott who was leading a top ranked offense in Dallas last season before an injury. Hopefully he can pick up we’re he left off.

Brotherhood Without Banners: If this is your team, please let us know! With a new QB and their top receiver out for at least six games in New Orleans, Alvin Kamara should rack up the points this season.

Daestruction: Aaron Jones should run all over the opposition this season and lead Daegan to victory.

Dark One’s Luck: Stefan Diggs led the league in receiving last year. Hopefully he can take the lead again this year for Feros.

Esteban Diego De Castile: Esteban is a long time returning player. He’s got Christian McCaffery who will be the star player in Carolina. He should bounce back after being injured for most of last season.

Madhar’s Minions: Madhar is back again. He looked to draft some solid running backs to lead his team, but unfortunately drafted Ravens running back JK Dobbins just hours before a season-ending injury in preseason. Luckily he still has Derrick Henry as a number one RB.

Qo’noS Targs: Ravens fan Alora has four players from Baltimore on her team. One is dual threat quarterback Lamar Jackson. With their starting running back out for the season, Lamar should rack up points in the air and on the ground.

Valyrian Steelers: Dalvin Cook should lead the way for Agoroth’s team this season.

We’ll check back in each week to see how these players are doing for their teams. Good luck to everyone and have a great season!

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