This post contains spoilers for New Spring.
The fashion of Arad Doman focused predominantly on that of the women. The only clear depiction of male attire is that of Basram during the Aiel War, which is definitely military, rather than civilian. “The hood of his cloak slid back, revealing his conical steel helmet…vertical bars of his faceguard” (p. 2). He is described as wearing gloves and being armed with a horsebow.
Most people of Arad Doman were of a copper complexion and slim. “Copper-skinned Domani women in fancifully worked cloaks – doubtless merchants; most Domani women seen abroad were” (p. 64). Tamore Alkohima was a highly praised seamstress in Tar Valon. She was “fair-skinned for a Domani” (p. 190). Leane Sharif, Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, was “willowy and as tall as most men” (p. 162). Jeaine Caide, a “slim, copper-skinned Domani” was Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah (p. 158). However, there are always exceptions. At the Blue Rose Inn, there was a “plump copper-skinned woman wearing a much thicker dress than Domani women usually did” (p. 225).
The Domani fashion for women was generally “clinging and little short of sheer” (p. 304). Three women at the Evening Star Inn wore “bright Domani dresses” and “tall chain-necklaces of gold that covered their entire necks” (p. 316). Tamore Alkohima wore a “pale green dress, elegant and simple at the same time” which “spoke well of her talents, though it did cling in an alarming manner, molding her in a way that left no doubts of exactly what lay beneath the silk” (p. 190). Duhara Basaheen was the Keeper raised from the Red Ajah. “Her dark dress was so slashed with scarlet it might as well have been scarlet” (p. 206).
Male military fashion of Arad Doman included conical helmets with vertical bars across the faceguard. Women’s fashion generally included sheer and clinging gowns as well as embroidered cloaks and tall necklaces.

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