Please note: This post contains spoilers for The Dragon Reborn
TarValon.Net’s Wheel of Time Re-read continues with Book 4 – The Shadow Rising!


“The sling has been used. The shepherd holds the sword.”

One part of the Prophecies has been fulfilled! The Dragon has proved his rebirth by taking the Sword out of the Stone. 

Now we are all curious to see what he does next, what other Prophecies he will fulfill! Let’s read together the continuation… 


TarValon.Net continues to host The Wheel of Time re-read before the start of the TV show this November! If you haven’t joined already, feel free to come and discuss everything Wheel of Time related with us on our forums!   
The TV series is coming soon to the small screen, but we have covered the books that supposedly would be shown in Season 1 (Rafe hinted that parts of book 1 and book 2 will appear in the first season).

Our re-read of The Dragon Reborn is ending next week (planned on Sunday, October 17), and we will continue immediately with The Shadow Rising on Monday, October 18th! The thread where we discuss common themes, plots and other interesting topics, can be found in the Book Discussions forums – here .
Each month we also post a summary of the discussion and the re-read on our blog. Feel free to check out the summaries for the months of August  and September
Blog posts and forum thread discussions CONTAIN SPOILERS for the entire series!
The re-read of the fourth book is planned to last for a total of eight weeks (STARTING OCTOBER 18, MONDAY, and lasting until December 12th). We will be happy to have you come on the forums and discuss your views, as well as other theories or questions you might have for the series! 

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