The Yellows sure are a crafty bunch! From knitting and crocheting to beading and quilting, we love to keep our hands busy and express our creativity. Here are some craft projects that the Yellows have been working on recently.

Elania al’Manir:

This was the first bracelet I made. It has yellow main beads with purple spacer beads. It represents my warder Brandon, who is in DM, and me.

This is another bracelet I made. The darker stones are garnet, my birthstone, and the lighter ones are ruby, my fiancé’s. The small spacer beads are Swarovski crystal.

Slàine al’Eir:

Slàine loves to knit and cross stitch, and she has been flying through the projects lately! She also does knitting projects for commission, and if you would like to see more of her lovely work, you can find her on Instagram: @owlsnestcreations.

Dragon scale mittens recently completed for a client:

Slàine shared her progress on the Tiny Modernist Halloween Stitch-Along:

She also knits gorgeous shawls for commission pieces:

Reusable water balloons: both fun and eco-friendly!

Idine Espanyas:

I decided to get back into cross stitching in the Fall of 2019, and it turned out to be the perfect timing to pick up a DIY hobby! Lately, I’ve been working on a series of Disney princesses in art deco style. The patterns are made by Make it Pink, and they are based on the artwork of Hannah Alexander. I started Tiana a few weeks ago and have been working on Belle for several months.

I am also participating in Satsuma Street’s Wizard of Oz Stitchalong. Here is one of the panels, a scene of the Good Witch and the munchkins:

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