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The Yellow Ajah Highlight for July 2020

The Yellow Ajah at TarValon.Net and the Yellow Ajah from the books were the highlight of July 2020 on our social media platforms.

The Yellow Ajah month began with sharing some amazing fanart of Nynaeve, our favorite Yellow from the books!

images of Nynaeve, character from the Wheel of Time

The talented artists are Manweri, Ariel Burgess, and SerenaR-art from DeviantArt. Thank you for creating these pieces!

And we also shared some fanart of Yellow Ajah Sisters, credited to the DeviantArt profiles of Asrath and DrowElfMorwen, respectively. Do you think they’ve captured the Yellow Sisters’ character well?

art of yellow ajah aes sedai

There is a clear purpose of the Yellow Ajah in the books, and of course, for some of trivia, we asked you what it is:

yellow background with black text

Yes, we knew this was an easy one, the Yellows are known for Healing. But there is also more to them than just skill in Healing, just like this quote from Suana Sedai says:

black text on a background image

And there are also some similarities between the Yellow Ajah in the books and the Yellows at TarValon.Net. Sa’areah Sedai sums it up very well here:

Black text on yellow background

Because of the Yellows’ passion for healing and fixing problems, one can say they are also passionate for helping and fixing bigger issues, like Idine Sedai, who is passionate about social justice issues among others.

black text on yellow background

Did you also know that there was a Yellow Sister from TarValon.Net featured in the books?

Black text on yellow background

Not many of you knew that, so we are very proud to say that a character was named after Niere al’Aman Aes Sedai and was seen in Towers of Midnight!

And of course, we cannot leave you without seeing some pretty Yellow Shawls!!!

two women with yellow ajah shawls on, hugging in one of the photos

For those of you interested in reading about Yellow themed blogs, here we have shared:

  • An article about Healing practices in the Westlands: read here

And if you are interested in learning more about the Yellow Ajah at TarValon.Net, you can visit their Headquarters in our Library here

DISCLAIMER: The backgrounds on some of the pictures shared on out social media represent TarValon.Net’s logos for the Yellow Ajah, and are property of TarValon.Net.

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