Yellow Healing has always been one of the more mysterious aspects of the Yellow Ajah. What it means for each person is unique, and during this difficult pandemic time, it has certainly meant a lot to the Yellows and their Bondmates. One thing is for sure, Yellow Healing is what we make it, and whatever brings us meaning and gives us and our loved ones the strength to go on through the difficult times. Here are some of the things that Yellow Healing means to us.

Estalia Walburga:

Estalia has created a foundation, Dawn Rises, that focuses on women’s health and wellness. She also has a Dawn Rises podcast on Spotify. Her podcast showcases personal healing stories and aims to encourage listeners on their own healing journeys, whatever those may be. Great work, Estalia!

Naedys Channirra:

Naedys organizes a free weekly talk called Edgeways! Here is more information about Edgeways:

Welcome to EDGEWAYS… Where we explore the paths less taken, the forgotten stairwells of history and the unanswered questions of art, science and magic. EDGEWAYS Saturday Night Gatherings were originally organised for a few friends to come together to dispel loneliness and promote a sense of community over lockdown, inspired by the words of a dear friend to many of us, David Southwell – “We should strive to be engines of kindness and community”…

We have now grown into a fantastically diverse group.

A new free talk is scheduled every week via Zoom, followed by much needed social time and discussion. An engine of kindness and community indeed.

Nyavene al’Meer:

For Nyavene, Yellow Healing looks like getting outside to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors, and nothing is better for healing than rock climbing! She started climbing in a gym about four years ago, and has since expanded to outdoor climbing.

In the first picture, Nya is ascending the chain ladders near Tugela Falls in the Drakensburg range.

In the second picture, she is descending from Cathedral Peak in the Drakensburg through Orange Peel Gap.

The final photo is of Nya rock climbing near her home in Bronkhorstspruit.

Thanks for sharing these photos, Nya!

Eliza al’Shaw:

My YouTube channel “Bevvy with Beth” is dedicated to helping people with PCOS to feel a little less alone on this journey. There is such little information available about the condition, I had to do so much of my own research and experiment on myself! I hope, by sharing my findings and experience, I can help someone else understand the condition and find a way to balance their hormones.

Idine Espanyas:

To me, part of Yellow Healing means being there for each other. Whether it is sharing something difficult we are struggling with and asking for healing and Yellow vibes, or sharing selfies every Yellow Selfie Friday, I’ve definitely depended on my Ajah to help me get through this difficult pandemic time.

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