Our Member Spotlight is back! This week, we take you behind the scenes with the plotsy-est of Blues, Nymala Ingasy. Nymala has served in a lot of roles in our Community, and most recently took up the mantle of the Blue’s Head of Ajah. She is someone I have personally enjoyed getting to know since I joined the community! Friendly and fun, she’s quick to jump in on shenanigans too — most recently in support of our Junior Members’ prank to create the Purple Ajah. (Cake!)

Here’s what Nymala had to say about her real life, her passion for this Community, and her goals for her time as HoA.

TVT: Tell us about yourself — what you do for a living, family, pets, etc? (Pictures?!)

Nymala: Hi there, my name is Hilary AKA Nymala Ingasy. I answer to Nym, Nyma, Nymmie, and “hey you with the face!” I am an American living abroad in New Zealand. We moved here in December after a few trials and tribulations with my husband’s health. He’s okay, but it was scary for a bit there. I was just recently granted my permanent residency by the New Zealand government, so thank you to Jacinda Ardern for that! 😀

My husband’s name is Matt, and we’ve been married for 18 years and counting. We met online through mutual friends and I first traveled to New Zealand in 1998, starting a five-year long distance relationship. He was the one who introduced me to Wheel of Time. It was something for us to talk about during our weekly phone calls. So, y’all can blame him for me being here. 😉

Right now, I am settling into life here. Learning how to drive on the other side of the road was a mind twist for me, but now I hop in the car and go without thinking about it (too much). I volunteer at the SPCA as a cat lady helping the kitties who are in quarantine and just got a job at  national retail store here….until Level 4 lockdown happened. Now that we’re on the other side of that, hopefully I’ll be able to start working; but for now, that’s enough! 

(Nym, Matt and her cousin’s corgi, Einstein)
(Hey, you with the face! <3 )
(Nym’s cat Molly who passed away in 2019)

TVT: Tell us about some of your non-WoT hobbies, and a “fun fact” about yourself.

Nymala:  I love to read (obviously), I love to sing. I sang soprano in my synagogue’s choir until we moved overseas. I hope to find a choir to join now that we’re all settled. I also love to cook and travel…at least in the before times of COVID. As for a “fun fact” about me, when I was guesting, the “fun fact” that I used was the fact that I was part of the UN Children’s Day celebration when I was 7. I met Queen Elizabeth II at the ceremony and got to present flowers to her along with my friend who was the daughter of a UN ambassador. I don’t remember much about the encounter, but I’m told I asked her where her crown was. 

TVT: What brought you to TarValon.Net? What made you want to stay and get more involved?

Nymala: I had two friends in my online D&D channel on IRC back in the day. As soon as they found out that I read Wheel of Time, they invited me to join. In fact, my Tower name, Nymala Ingasy, was my D&D character that I played at the time. I chose the same name when I made my account on TarValon so my friends could “find me.” It made sense in my head as I had no idea what I was in for when I joined. I still don’t always, truth be told. >.> As soon as I joined though, I wanted to get involved. I became a moderator on the Tower IRC channel while still a Novice and before I knew I had to make a contribution. I just wanted to be involved. 

TVT: How did you decide the Blue Ajah was right for you?

Nymala: I guested for a long time. When I got to Accepted, I decided to guest in reverse order of where I thought I fit, saving the two where I thought I fit for last. Blue was one of my first choices. Surprise, surprise! I got into Blue…and I just fit. I was so happy to be there that I got overly enthusiastic and they had to remind me to calm down more than once, but I just couldn’t help myself. I love the fact that we’re all so individualistic and yet we come together so easily when we need to. The Blues just get me. I just celebrated my 9th Blue-iversary and I’m very happy to be Blue.

TVT: You recently took on the role to serve as Head of Ajah. Do you have plans or goals during your reign?

Nymala: I’ve always wanted to be HoA and give back to my Ajah. The fact that I can serve my Siblings in this manner makes me very happy. My goal is to help our JM’s know just how awesome Blue really is, especially as we get closer and closer to the TV show coming out. I look forward to seeing Moiraine and Siuan on-screen and showing the world just what Blues do.

TVT: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Nymala: Thank you for giving me a home, a chosen family, a circle of friends all around the world, and a cause! To my Blue siblings, thank you for supporting me and showing me a true reflection of myself. To my first-siblings, Cahalan, Bryher, Ahmyra, and Morrigan, thank you for being amazing, awesome people, and letting me slap the s**t out of you. To my Warder, Vendri, thank you for being the best cyborg, ninja, wizard, dinosaur of awesome and win. Thank you to DM, my other home. Lastly, thank you to Liam al’Eire and Jaim al’Berach for watching over us all from Heaven. Indeed..

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