Greetings friends! October has come to an end, wow, was it ever busy! If you want to save some time, jump directly to Site Announcements to read all the things for yourselves. Most of the first page happened this month. 

– Online Anni is coming up on Nov. 6th!! Come join us in Discord for the shenanigans! Our annual Membership awards will be announced at that time. 

– Our Keeper has retired, and we’re looking for a new one. Following that announcement we learned that two of our Board Members are also retiring, and we’re looking for new ones

– Changes were made for Senior Members who wish to leave their user groups. Instead of demoting and losing their earned rank they are now allowed to be “Of None Ajah/Company” while they explore their options and pick a different group. Some restrictions apply. The process of Bonding dissolutions has also changed. 

– Merit awards were announced, and a new merit for virtual events has been added to the list.


We’ve just wrapped up one of our fun free weeks. Special thanks to Siera al’Cere and the Activities team for their hard work in putting the event together. We Trollocs had, dare I say, a bloody good time playing. 😀


Speaking of playing, we’ve got a new revolving Game of Clue started in Frivolous Fun. Come join us! 


We had three Aspirations this month – Jasin to SDS; and the Blue Ajah welcomed Jocasta and Syera!

See above for Keeper and Board applications. Applications due by Nov. 8th. And Nov. 1st respectively. Additionally, we are in need of a new Brown HoA. Applications due Nov. 7th. 

Aratouial has joined the Tower. 

Dar’Jen is the newest Gaidin of VC, and Morrighan, the newest Gaidin of MDD. 
Congratulations to Alyria and Calen on their Bond. 
Melisande is our new Chairperson of the Board. 

Yenie is the new Red HoA. 

Polegnyn, Seryse, and Jaryd have all joined the Servant of All team

Our Fall Hall has taken their seats.

Thank you to all of you for your service to the community! 

That is all for now. Be safe if you’re doing Halloween stuff tonight, and happy November!

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