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SDS or San d’ma Shadar was one of the first companies founded at TarValon.Net.

10. San d’ma Shadar currently have 22 Gaidin in their ranks.

9. San d’ma Shadar has an official creed.

“I am a member of San d’ma Shadar. I have chosen to become a member of an elite company and as such intend to uphold the ideals and carry on the spirit of a unique brotherhood. I have pledged to follow the Amyrlin Seat and those persons whom she sees fit to place in positions above me, remembering always to acquit myself with Loyalty, Honor, Duty, Truth, Courage, Justice, Prowess, and Franchise.

  • I have no ties that are not bound by loyalty.
  • I have no life without honor.
  • I am bound to family, country, and Tower with duty.
  • I make truth my standard.
  • I use courage to do what is right no matter the consequences.
  • I seek justice for weak and strong alike.
  • I strive for prowess in all I do.
  • I instill all parts of my life with these values through franchise.

I will fight to protect that which I care for, and those who have put their trust in me. I will strive to protect the Tower and all that it stands for, for as the Tower has accepted me, I choose to embrace the Tower. With the strength of the Brotherhood, and the ideals that the Brotherhood embraces I will not falter nor will I fail! For I am a stalker in the night, I am the strength in the battle, I am the center that will not break, I am the tip of the spear, first blood is mine!

8. According to their histories the official drink of San d’ma Shadar is Don Julio 1942, which has been used at their Anniversary Party toasts.

Don Julio 1942

7. San d’ma Shadar has 24 bondmates.

6. There have been 14 Company Commanders of San d’ma Shadar.

5. Some of the companies at TarValon.Net have renamed their Honor Guard with their own title. The Honor Guard of San d’ma Shadar is referred to as the Hammer Guard.

4. The unofficial guests to the San d’ma Shadar Great Room are referred to as Drinking Buddies.

3. The members of San d’ma Shadar have been known to call each other Sabers (Sabe-ers). See the SDS HQ for more information.

2. At least two Blademasters call San d’ma Shadar home.

1. San d’ma Shadar have received 38 Amyrlin, Keeper or Member’s Choice Awards dating back to 2002.


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  1. We have five blade masters, one of whom has won twice. 🙂

    Anigrel, Locus, Sean, myself, and Alcyon.

    Alcyon is listed as the Amyrlins tournament winner for 2012 but the blade master is “unknown”.

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