Two. Weeks. Fourteen days — dear readers, this is not a drill! The eagerly-awaited premiere of Season One of The Wheel of Time’s television adaptation is almost here. We’ve been teased with trailers and posters; and treated to original memes from the creative minds of our own #TeamMarketing.

We’ve posted a series of articles on our blog over the past year, titled “Where They Came From” focusing on some of the leading cast members: Cast, Stradowski, Harris, Rutherford, Madden, Robins, Henney, and Pike.

TarValon.Net is hosting several opportunities to watch the premiere episodes, beginning November 19th on Amazon Prime. More details are posted here, and include watch parties at the following times and platforms:

  • via Facebook @ 4:15 PM EST on November 19th (Events > WoT on Prime watch party)
  • via Discord @ 11:00 AM EST on November 20th
  • via Discord @ 6:00 PM EST on November 20th

Our Keeper also announced yesterday that there will be a handful of pre-screenings in major US cities on Monday, November 15th.

We’ll have more coming in the next two weeks as the countdown continues. Be sure to follow our TarValon Times blog, and our social channels, to stay up to date!

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