Well, what can I say? Online Anni was a wonderful experience! I was so happy to spend my Saturday celebrating 20 years of friendship and family with the membership of TarValon.Net. Listening to toasts, celebrating the winners of the Amyrlin’s Awards and the Members’ Choice Awards (see below), and just being able to spend time with so many wonderful people – I feel truly blessed. 

We used a part of Discord that we hadn’t before – Stage. I think it was a great way to bring us all together, and I’m hoping that we can bring Stage to our real life events in the future – to be able to share in awards and toasts with those who aren’t able to join us at Anni or EuroParty. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank the members of TarValon.Net for joining us on Saturday! Without our members, TarValon.net would not exist. We are grateful for your support!

Members’ Choice Awards

Amyrlin’s Awards

Member of the Year: Siera al’Cere
Volunteer of the Year: Ilverin Matriam
Unsung Servants: Aintsa Bisera
and Alora Sionn

Amyrlin’s Tournament

We also had several competitions going for the Amyrlin’s Tournament! The winners of these contests can be found here. Congrats to all of the participants and category winners!!

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