This November brought us many things to be thankful for, including Online Anni, and many awards! I present to you, November’s Recap.

During 2021’s Anni, which was held online, many happy events occurred:

And, of course, the Amyrlin bestowed the Amyrlin’s Awards!

Congratulations, everyone! Well-deserved all!

While Online Anni was exciting, that wasn’t all for November:

Tower-wide Watch Parties were announced for the tv show!

Shiny new logos were launched for Community Groups.

And, the Board of Directors announced that our Founder and Koyn Amyrlin has stepped down from her position on the Board, but will stay on in a consulting capacity. Thank you so much for your presence, Eleyan.

November saw many raisings as well!

  • Arinna Katal stepped into the Tower and into the novice Whites.

There were very important positions filled this month.

  • Luna Morn is our new Mistress of Novices and Recruits.

There are new positions currently hiring this month.

  • The Department of Research and Records is hiring for a new Headteacher

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