Week Five

Alora: Hello readers and welcome to another week of….
Madhar: That’s right and this week the stats were all over the place! Let’s get into it:
Week 5 saw the Qo’noS Targs face off against Esteban, what was meant to be a rather close game ended with Alora’s Targs blowing Esteban out of the water with a score of 171.98 to 121.56. If Alora played any team this week she would have taken them out, so Esteban’s early lead was just false hope, making this the third loss in a row for them.
Braedan had a close game against the Brotherhood, but A. Brown (WR) and J Taylor (RB) doubling their projected points couldn’t bring him home the win, losing to the Brotherhood without Banners 161.28 to 166.32. Both teams posted their highest scoring output of the season this game.
Atane did better than expected this week but Cursor’s Brady is GOD still maintained the status quo, taking the win with a score of 123.58 to 104.64. Cursor’s WR really are working overtime for him this week, exceeding 45 points total. Let’s see if Cursor can keep up the winning streak in week 6 against Xander’s Band of the Red Hand.
Speaking of Xander’s Band, they were slated to lose against Rand’s Barrani Jokers but the Band had other ideas, pulling out the win 106.44 to 101.18. The Band looks to be maintaining their rep for being unstoppable, having an impressive 5-0 record this season so far. Rand’s jokers are hoping that the Dark One’s Luck is out of luck as he faces them in week 6.
Daestruction is having the opposite of good luck as they have not won one game yet, and this week scored half of what was projected, losing to the Valyrian Steelers 133.80 to 50.98. No matter who Daegan played this week the result would have been the same, as his TE and K positions scored him 0 points. With this track record, Braedan’s Bombers may find week 6 and easy win.
This week had Madhar’s Minions score less than projected, and Dark One’s Luck more, but the outcome was the same with Madhar winning 119.96 to 112.80. This is the 4th straight win for Mad, as 5 of his 9 starters exceeded their projected points. Week 6 has him facing off in a host battle against the Targs, will he maintain his winning streak?
Alora: HELL NO!!!
Madhar: We shall see won’t we? *laughing leo face* Find out next time on week 6 of…….


Week Six

Warderball Week 6 opens up with significantly less hype from Alora.

Madhar: Welcome to another exciting week of….
Alora: ….I don’t want to talk about it…
Alora: FINE you want to know what happened??? Lets get to it lol
This week our hosts faced each other in an epic host showdown of doom, Alora’s Targs projected to win against Madhar’s Minions but sometimes our golden boy QBs named Lamar Jackson FAIL US and underscore almost by half, while SOME PEOPLE named MADHAR are over there winning big with an average margin of 30 points. The score was 170.46 to 106.48, giving Madhar 5 straight wins. YOU’RE WELCOME¬†:tug
This next one was no surprise at all as Braedan helped Daestruction maintain their losing streak, taking the win 136.34 to 66.74. Maybe it’s the salt talking but this host is suspecting that Daestruction is not playing, due to consistently underscoring every week and leaving points on the bench. What can you say except Brae owned it this week?
VC cub Atane took the win against the Brotherhood this week, ending 124.54 to 112.60. It was a close game until the very end, Atane pulling ahead on Monday night. This was the tightest game this week with a margin of 11.94 points. It’s pretty clear by now that Atane will probably win next week too against Daestruction in week 7.
Cursor’s Brady loving team is still on a roll, giving Xander’s Band their first loss of the season with a final score this week of 148.50 to 116.08. Ironic since the Band has Tom Brady, who Cursor’s team idolizes. The Band had an early lead on Thursday but after that, it was all Cursor. Will Xander redeem himself against the Brotherhood without Banners? Only time will tell.
Rand’s Jokers had more luck than the Dark One this week as he came from behind to beat Dark One’s Luck 115.68 to 101.50. Despite having a few of his players underscore severely, Rand beat projections while Dark One’s Luck underperformed overall. This makes 3 straight losses for DO, and so help me the Targs better make it 4 next week!
Esteban having a sadder time than me lately, losijng to the Valyrian Steelers 96.20 to 146.12. He made the mistake of leaving M. Ingram II (RB) as a starter despite him being on a Bye on week 6, so that didn’t help. The Steelers having 7 out of 9 starters overperform definitely helped them take that win, as week 7 sees the Steelers face off against Madhar’s Minions.
Madhar: Yup gonna win that one too
Alora: Listen I am NOT a sore lose—
Madhar: and that’s it for Week 6!! We’ll see you next time for week 7 of…..
*the camera pans out showing papers all over the floor*
Alora: can we get someone to clean this up? lol

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